Sunday 14th August, 2016 – Super Cycling Sunday – The Lizard trip a wonderful adventure!

78 miles from Liskeard to The Lizard (thanks in part to a missing railway bridge just before our lunch stop at Chace Water); an early start – 6 am to get safely down the Glynn Valley; coffee stop at Costa, where we met up with Mike and Ashley; lunch at the pannier market in the centre of Chace Water – where Charlie and Susie joined us for the second half of the ride; tea provided by Geoff from the horse lorry at Rame Head (thank you, Geoff!); and supper at The Lizard, provided by Geoff and Rose – thank you  both.  Wonderful views at The Lizard.  A big thank you to David for planning the route and leading the ride.  Finally,  all the fun of hearing about the GB gold medals during our ride home in the lorry.

Special mention of the supreme efforts on this ride by Ann Byfield and Amanda, both of whom had run the 20 mile Rat Race the day before – amazing!

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