Saturday 6th August, 2016 – mixture of sublime and ridiculous; delightful ladies ride along Granite Trail to Okehampton; but many hazards on this year’s Ride London Surrey 100

While the Ride London 100 this year was marked by two days in London attending the cycle show, eating a lot of pasta, making piles of sandwiches, a very early start – and then huge delays for accidents and resulting bottlenecks on what is now a very dangerous  sportive (hold ups amounted to two hours 26 mins) – by contrast the Liskeard Ladies August ride along the Granite Trail from Lydford to Okehampton and back, was a delight of sunshine, beautiful scenery and amenable company!

After tackling the 100 miles of the Ride London three times now, I think it unlikely that I will try it again.  37 people hospitalised; 7 seriously hurt; one death; and a lot of dangerous riding (so many people overtaking at speed on the left) make it a ride not worth risking serious injury on – unless the organisers are able to make significant improvements.  To be more positive,thankfully, this year myself, Pete, Vicky and James all made it home safely – and I was pleased with my own cycle time 6 hours 40 – av moving speed of 15.5 mph; and Pete and I loved taking the Thames Clipper back to Canary Wharf at the end of the day.

By contrast, it was just very relaxing to go out with the Liskeard Ladies for the first of our summer cycle “adventures”.  The perfect car park (free and with public loos) at Lydford Village gave us a good send off.  Great to have Megan back with us after her accident – although her very colourful cycle jersey is an interesting consequence of the bang on her head.  Thereafter the twelve of us were accompanied by both sunshine and beautiful – Dartmoor, the Meldon Dam, Sourton Church and finally Okehampton Station – now a setting that takes you back a 100 years or so.  Thank you, Ladies, for a lovely day out.




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