Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November, 2017 – a week end with Liskeard Ladies and with our Penzance Group – wonderful autumn rides and (possibly) too many cream teas for Ann!

Our Liskeard Ladies route. 34 km (21 miles)                                                                                 and 552m climbed :


Our Penzance Group route 28.5 km (18 miles)                                                                               373 m climbed – less the first three or four miles                                                                         when I forgot to turn on Strava! :


What a great week end of autumn cycling!  Our nine Liskeard Ladies (lovely to have Jan with us)  revisited the cafe at St. Germans, now re-named Scholars.  The cafe has evolved more into a restaurant which probably comes into its own in the evening – and is serving teas and coffees on the side.  Nevertheless the wood burner was lit and we were made comfortabe enough.  Then my favourite bit – the ride down towards Heskyn Mill and into Tideford.  Across the A38 and along to Tideford Cross before dropping down to Tilland where we met up with Geoff for a top up of tea and cake.  Finally,  fuelled by cake we tackled the hill back up to Doddycross, stopping only, of course, to buy beetroot for supper, and back home to Liskeard- a 20 mile round ride with delightul company and women’s chat.  Liskeard ladies:

On Sunday, a few of us gathered with Andy to enjoy one of his Penzance Gorup jaunts.  Andy designs each ride according to the people with him.  So today the plan was to wend our way out through some of the delightful villages to the north and west of Penzance (sadly not plotted on Strava because I forgot to turn it on) before setting off across the Peninsula in the general direction of St. Just – wonderful views of the sea, including a hazy view of the Isles of Scilly, and lots of pretty woodland.  I can’t remember going to St. Just before – it is a sizable village with three or four pubs and a number of cafes and, of course, art galleries, so well worth a visit.  We stopped at the lovely Cook Book Cafe, for a proper mid morning lunch.  From here Anna and I returned along a fairly direct route back down into Penzance while the others continued their adventure.  Really loved the day so a big thank you to Andy.  So much to explore!

Andy’s Penzance Group:



Saturday 9th September, 2017 – Ladies ride out to Tredinnick Farm Shop Cafe, Widegates and back to Liskeard along pretty Looe Valley

Details of route to follow (sorry, forgot to bring Garmin with me to London)  but approx 17 miles.

Great to have Amanda and Eleanor back with us for this ride.  A forecast of sunshine and showers saw us all in our wet weather gear but it wasn’t long before the usual female conversation made the weather a thing of secondary importance!

A new route for us all. Seven of us wound our way along the lanes to Menheniot and down through the village to Menheniot Station.  Here we crossed the A38, on through Great Trethew and up to Widegates, from where the views north were amazing.  Just after Widegates a right turn brought us down to Tredinnick Farm Shop and cafe.  Tredinnick is a large farm shop with a cafe serving both savoury meals and coffee and cafe type snacks.  They have a reasonable sized seating area and a few outside tables too.

Having filled up on coffee and cake, we set off back through Widegates and then down through Trewidland to amble back along the very pretty Looe Valley.  At the cherry pickers A38 underpass, we stopped, said our farewells and split into three smaller groups to head back into our various Liskeard destinations.  Susie and I, who had both been a bit anxious about the weather before setting off, agreed we were pleased we had been out with the girls again.  Just what we needed to set up the week end!

Wednesday 30th August, 2017 – Last of our short summer social rides gives us sunshine and a moorland ride to Minions

For our route, click here  11.5 miles and 263 m climbed.  In the excitement, I forgot to turn on my Garmin for the first part of the ride, which took us up to The Magistrate Court; right and left along the main road; left turn towards St. Cleer; first right and then left towards Rose Craddock; left again and along to Tremar.  Straight over the road just below the railway bridge and along to St. Cleer village.  Then as per map! (Sorry!)

For this ride at least, the weather was kind, and eight of us were able to enjoy an evening out on our bikes.  David took Clive and Steve, who was ably demonstrating the  benefits of an electric bike, on a fourteen mile spin, while the remaining five of us, including Anne Marie, Megan and myself from our Liskeard Ladies Group, as well as Nigel and Geoff,  followed the contours of the former Liskeard and Caradon railway, thus avoiding any steep climbs until we emerged on the moor near Commonmoor.  As we rode the final two miles over the open moor, we enjoyed the sunset and found ourselves sharing the road with a group of belted galloways.

Arriving at The Cheesewring PH at about the same time as David’s group, we were all delighted to to be joined by Ann W-B and her mother who is in England for a week’s holiday.

Finally, after our drink and a chat both reviewing our summer activities and running through our plans for our autumn outings, we pulled on our jackets, put on our lights and all freewheeled back down the hill to Liskeard.  A great way to end the summer!

Sunday 13th August, 2017 – CTC Cornwall ride to Clovelly – sunshine, scenery, great company, wonderful refuelling stops, team work, and an extraordinary quirky village at the end

For our route, click here and here  Approx 60 miles  Liskeard to Clovelly  (approx. 1600 m climbed – most climbing before Roadford Lake)

For the third of our annual “summer longer one way” rides, David Byfield put together a wonderfully scenic (and not too hilly)  route from Liskeard to Clovelly for us.  Fifteen of our CTC Cornwall group members took part in this year’s summer adventure, with nine managing the whole trip (a huge well done – especially to Anna from our Liskeard Ladies group) and six joining the group for part of the ride (also really well done for making the necessary complicated arrangements).  As always, it was wonderful to have so many of our cycling family together.

The ride would not have been possible without the help of our great support team.  The biggest possible thank yous to Mary, Rose, Geoff and Nigel for their patience, back-up, transport and huge quantities of home-baked food – amazing!

(Please see more pics below)  Setting off just after 8 am, the ride took us through Pensilva, Golberdon and Kelly Bray to our first stop at The Engine House where we all tucked into hearty breakfasts.  Here we said farewell to Ian H and Sarah and were joined by Ian W who had ridden up from Saltash.  Then on through the hillier section of the ride (I now think it is not possible to cycle to Launceston without tackling quite a few nasty hills) via Stoke Climsland, Treburlet, Lezant and Launceston to Lake Café at Roadford Lake for lunch with beautiful views over the lake.  Here we also collected Megan, Charlie and Susie and it was also great to meet up with Mary, Nigel and Geoff.

Now we moved on for a fairly relaxed section of the ride – over the Roadford Lake dam along the ridge way to Halwill Junction, Dipper Mill, Shebbear and on  to meet up with Geoff for a welcome tea stop at a lay-by just after Stibbs Cross.  Now Megan took a break and we were delighted to have Nigel with us for the final ten miles up to Clovelly, arriving around 6pm.  Here Ian set off to look for his overnight B and B; and Anna and Neil drove back to their patiently-waiting families, leaving the ten of us cyclists yo enjoy an exploratory walk down into Clovelly while our wonderful support team of Geoff, Mary and Rose prepared a delicious supper for us to enjoy in the evening sun.  A long drive home for all of us, except Nigel and Megan, who were making a bit of a holiday out of it, but I hope, once we recover, we will all feel it was well worth while.

A great big thank you to everyone involved in our wonderful summer adventure!


Wednesday 9th August, 2017 – At last, something we could call a “summer evening’s ride” – with both our short and longer riders meeting up at The Plough, Duloe

For our route click here  approx. 11 miles; 330 m climbed

It was so good to have four of our Liskeard Ladies at the start of this ride, including Nicky and Debbie.  Sadly, as we were starting off, Debbie found she had a puncture which proved unfixable with the tools we had – such bad luck.  We hope for better things next week, Debbie!  Also great to welcome Nick for our evening’s ride.


Sunday 6th August, 2017 – Liskeard Velo try out newly opened bridge over A30 at Millpool on Ian’s Round the Moor ride; and enjoy traffic jams of a bovine nature

For our route click here  approx. 50 miles from The Parade, Liskeard and 1800 m climbed  (route shown is actually back to Widegates).

What a great ride today! Lovely weather and beautiful scenery – I still think you can’t beat Bodmin Moor when the weather is good.  This ride approx. 50 miles with café stops at Snails Pace, Wenford Bridge, Subway near Five Lanes, and a final tea stop at Henwood from our mobile café (Geoff).

First phase is out through St. Neot, along to Mount and Millpool before heading over the A30 via the brand new bridge (woohoo!) and down to Wenford Bridge for the café stop.  Second phase is the easy one – through St. Neot, then all along the north of the moor to Davidstow airfield, along to Altarnun and Five Lanes.  Next phase contains a few hills.  Down through North Hill and on down to Middlewood and up and down to Darley Ford before climbing to Henwood for our tea and donut stop with Geoff.  Finally, the climb up over the moor to Minions and back down through St. Cleer to Liskeard.

This is the first of the Liskeard Velo full Sunday rides I have done this year and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute – thanks Ian for a great day out.