Saturday 5th September, 2020 – Liskeard Ladies tackle the Ride of the Seven Hills – and keep smiling!

Our route stats: 16.7 miles; 544 m climbed.

Am just so impressed. The aim of this ride had been to visit some villages we don’t normally see on our rides but when we tested the route in the car we realised the reason we don’t visit them is that they are on a very hilly route. Nevertheless, all nine of us agreed at the start we would take it slowly and ‘give it a go’. We knew there were options en route for returning to Liskeard fairly easily – although in the end none of these were taken.

The route took us past Liskeard Station and in a series of ups and downs in a southwesterly direction to Trevelmond and then St. Pinnock (as per the club number 2 scavenger ride and well worth a visit); then along a further lane with another hill out to the Taphouse/Looe road; here we turned left, breaking into groups so that the traffic could pass easily and looked for the turning back towards Churchbridge and Duloe . Some respite now and a charming road with glimpses of the sea to our right, before a steep hill down and up into Duloe – for our mobile cafe stop with Geoff. Mindful of the Covid restrictions, cakes (and cups!) were all pre-wrapped but it was great to have a good old cuppa and a piece of cake in the sun – and I for one was very relieved that all nine of us had made it to this stage.

After our refreshments, the better road made it easy for us all to find our way home. Connie was able to take her leave and head head South ; Gail was able to cycle away a bit early to get home for another sporting fixture; and our official ride headed back to St. Keyne, where Carol could leave us; and then down the hill and back into Liskeard.

Everyone had excelled themselves – so proud of this group!

Enthusiastic turnout for first Liskeard Ladies and Easy Rider Group Rides since Lockdown – 1st August, 2020

It was great to be back again for these two cycle groups.  Liskeard Ladies were able to form two groups – one led by Ann WB for a 35 mile spin; and one led by Megan/Ann K for 15 miles.  The Easy Rider men did a similar shorter distance and all three groups made Olive and Co. at Siblyback Lake their coffee stop, taking care to move on or apart when there was a danger of overcrowding.  (Narrative continues below pics.)


For the shorter Ladies’ route, click here   15 miles and 420m climbed.

On this ride the ladies wiggled their way (slowly and chatting gaily) through the lanes to Pensilva and then sailed down the road through Crows Nest and past Commonmoor and on to Siblyback.  The group had been pleased to meet up with four Callington Cycles Riders at Foredown to compare notes on Lockdown cycling and show off our new cycle jerseys.  This very pleasant delay, however,  gave us a good excuse for not attempting to cycle round Siblyback Lake, which we decided could have been tricky given its popularity at the moment – so we opted to head straight to Olive and Co.  Here we met up with Susie and Debbie S who had been enjoying a walk round the lake before sampling the delicious ‘cinabuns’ , one of Olive and Co’s specialities.

The other groups joined us and Megan, sensibly took a small group back to Liskeard to reduce numbers at the cafe.  The club was feeling its way a bit with this being a first ride for some members but it was just wonderful to catch up with friends not seen for so many months.

Obviously,  it is difficult for the club to make too many formal plans at this stage but The Liskeard Velo mixed group would be enjoying a 40 mile spin the following day and the club will proceed with its normal group rides for the coming months as far as is permitted.  We look forward to seeing as many members as possible.


June 2020 – Velo Lockdown Scavenger Ride No. 2

For our route click here  30 miles (50 k)  850m climbed


For the second in our series of club Lockdown scavenger rides we found ourselves exploring lanes and villages (for me unseen before) and hunting for clues in the general direction of Lostwithiel and Lerryn and then heading back to Looe (for some wonderful take away fish and chips).  There were a few ups and downs but really a lot of easy cycling along ridges with wonderful views and interesting features such as creeks and fords –  so again it was a very doable ride of approximately 30 miles with under 1000m of climbing.  Do hope you get the chance to follow it – the route directions are on the Downloads section of this website.  If you use my Strava route you will need to bear in mind that I started from home which is a little way out of the centre of Liskeard (and also that we took a bit of a shortcut on our way down to Looe).

May 2020 – Lockdown Velo Scavenger Ride

For our route click here  30 miles (50 km) and 840m climbed.


This was the first of the 2020 club scavenger rides set by David for members to undertake with a household member or friend during Lockdown – with a few clues to collect along the way.  Approximately 30 miles, this route initially climbs to Minions after which there is a lot of easy cycling through villages and along lanes that we would not usually have used.  Particularly pleased to find that Pillaton and Blunts are joined by a single road.  Some lovely views across to Dartmoor on the way.


Week end of 1st and 2nd February, 2020 – Ladies ride with breakfast at The Highwayman; and Mixed Group ride to Kit Hill – with much talk of new bicycles – and lots of us taking part.

Info about our routes:  Saturday:  15.5 miles;  339m climbed;  Sunday:  25.5 miles;  340m climbed.  (Sorry, cant get routes to load from Garmin Connect today).  Narrative underneath pics below.

Not sure what kind of pep pills we have all been taking but it has been wonderful to have so many turn out for our February rides – eleven on both Saturday and Sunday – wonder if we will be able to keep it up 🙂

Saturday was a shortish ride because we had been expecting poor weather but it was great to take in a bit of Siblyback and to do a little extra link out from Doublebois towards Redposts and back along the part of the cycle track to Dobwalls that we don’t normally get a chance to use – and we appreciate The Highwayman now being open to serve breakfast.  Just what we needed.  Thank you Ann WB for leading.

Sunday was a ride of two groups.  With Ian leading we all went out to Pensilva, Golberdon, Kelly Bray and clockwise round Kit Hill up to Louis’ café.  And after enjoying a substantial brunch for most of us, one group continued on with Ian to Calstock and then home.  Our group came back, while our legs were still working,  the way we had gone – but just a lovely day for all of us.  A big thank you to Ian for organising.

Sunday 19th January – bright sunshine and icy roads for a short trip out to Lanhydrock

For our route click here:  28 miles and 607m climbed

Well, it was a much shorter ride than planned.  The frosty start to the day meant that the ride start was delayed until 11 am and then we kept mostly to the main road to avoid any lingering ice.  But what a beautiful day and the ride out to Lanhyrock Cycle Hub Café was well worth it.  A lovely day out.

January 5th, 2020 – On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love brought to me Twelve Cyclists Cycling ….

For our route (22 miles and 860m climbed) click here

Our first mixed group ride of the year – and twelve of us, including our two e cyclists, enjoyed a jaunt along the Draines Valley to Jamaica Inn (coffee and  toasted tea cakes) before taking in the views on our way back over the rolling moorland that runs alongside Colliford Lake.  Home by 12.30 – a perfect way to put this Christmas to bed and to get 2020 under way.

Our next mixed group ride is on the 19th January to Lostwithiel and Looe.  Full details of all forthcoming rides , as well as membership details,  on our new website

Liskeard Ladies January group ride – Kernow Mills and Tilland Mill and ten turn out to get the decade off to a great start!

For our route  (approx. 19 miles and 400m climbed) click here

I personally always enjoy this ride – easy café stop at Kernow Mills (safe cycle parking; lots of space; good range of cakes and coffees) and wonderful views as you sail down towards Tideford.  Normally we would also stop briefly at the very pretty Tilland Mill but yesterday with our New Year Resolutions (not too much cake, thank you) and our group being strong and competent we admired the scene briefly as we passed through and straight on up the hill to Doddy Cross and then home. Very nice to have so many of us and lovely to chat with everyone and hear about all our 2020 plans – wouldn’t it be lovely if this dry spell continued through the spring to allow us to build on this excellent start?

A reminder that full details of all forthcoming rides and club membership (£5 annual fee plus evidence of third party liability insurance) can be found on our new website:

December 2019 – CTC Cornwall family cycle ride along Camel Trail to Padstow

What a great way to end the year!  26 of us, all ages, all abilities, came together to saunter along the Camel Trail for our annual Christmas trip to Padstow.  With the weather being kind, it was wonderful this year to have a number of younger and perhaps less confident cyclists with us and the best thing ever that Nicola could join Dave and Mary for this trip.  Following the traditional café break at the Co op in Wadebridge we headed on down the Camel Trail to Padstow admiring the huge number of sea birds feasting on the mud flats of the Camel estuary – with the haunting sounds of the curlew filling the air. (further narrative below pics)

We parked the bikes on the outskirts of the village and walked in to find lunch harbourside (fish and chips or pasties were firm favourites) and after a bit of a look round to check Padstow was as we remembered, we set off again back to Wadebridge and then on to The Borough Arms at Dunmere.  So proud to belong to this group and just wonderful to catch up with everyone.   A big Happy New Year to everyone associated with CTC Cornwall and our new Liskeard Velo club!

Liskeard Velo Christmas Lunch Ride – December 2019 – crisp clear moorland views (if slightly windy!) and wonderful company


For our route click here

A firm annual favourite, this outing was as wonderful as ever – a great opportunity to catch up with club members (27 for the meal; 12 on the ride and cafe stop); and a sensible bit of exercise before a lovely meal.  Jamaica Inn seemed to be the perfect setting for the cyclist rendition of 12 days of Christmas (on the seventh day of Christmas my truelove gave to me, 6 puncture patches, 5 ringing bells, etc. etc.).  The Cheesewring looks after us very well too (Top tip:  if they have their chocolate torte on their menu again next year – dont miss it!).

A big thank you to David for organising – looking forward now to the rest of our Christmas outings – next Sunday to Cotehele to see the garland; and the 28th for our family trip down the Camel Trail (see the Events page or calendar on our website for more details of both).