Saturday 17th March – Liskeard Ladies’ St. Patrick’s Day ride round the lanes and lake to Siblyback Cafe

For our route please click here.  13.43 miles; 298 m climbed

This turned out to be a fantastic little ride on a cold and windy day with snow threatening – so pleased we managed to get out there and do it – and just the best company, girls!

It was also the event at which our CTC Cornwall BANNER (yes, our banner!) made its debut – and we did manage to attract the attention of one  cyclist – who kindly came over to chat with us.  (Thank you to Ian for passing by at exactly the right time to take the banner back to Megan’s so we didn’t have to carry it round with us!).

The other exciting thing was Gail’s e bike – a Carrera Crossfire.  Gail purchased this initially because issues with one of her knees made riding a traditional bicycle impossible.  Her Crossfire however allows her to switch on the motor for uphill stretches and, of course, she zoomed along, putting us all to shame but she still gets plenty of exercise herself.  At under £1,000 it seems like great value.


Monday 5th February, 2017 – Ann and Geoff anniversary ride along cycle trail from Newton Abbot to Bovey Tracey (possible summer outing for ladies group?)

In an attempt to celebrate our wedding anniversary,  Geoff and I booked our hybrids onto the 9.15 am train to Newton Abbot (£8.20 return each).  On arrival – coffee time, of course.  We chose Coffee 1 in the main shopping street but there are lots of other choices.

Then straight onto the newish and completely flat cycle trail to Bovey Tracey.  The trail is about 7 miles and a mixture of trail and ‘no traffic’ lanes through very pretty countryside.  (I am posting some of the pics I took following Geoff so that you can get a proper flavour of this ride, in case you would like to try it).

Once in  Bovey we cycled down to the river to try the newly opened cycle cafe 3 Sixty – which was an absolute delight in every sense.  And you can take your bicycles in with you and just hang them on the rail provided before going over to sit by the wood burner should you need to warm up.

After a good look round Bovey (and the craft fair), for a bit of variety, Geoff and I came back over the hill via Brimley and Liverton arriving back in Newton Abbot in time to pop our bikes on the 2.50 train  back to Liskeard (no need to book for this one).

Sunday 7th January, 2018 – Liskeard Velo brave very cold conditions on their ride through Pensilva to Seaton – but enjoy the clear blue skies and amazing views.

With most of the group now forced into their beds with coughs and colds (and for some of us, horse-related injuries), Dave Ball was kind enough to lead a small but courageous band through the biting and very cold winds up to Pensilva, down to Seaton and back.  Megan says, “Two pairs of socks and over boots and I still ended up with frozen toes!”  Well done to the four of you for completing the ride.


Saturday 6th January, 2018 – nine Liskeard Ladies get 2018 off to great start – clear blue skies, coping with slippery roads, new cafe stop in Looe (loo being the key word) AND … our first E biker!

(Thank you to Megan for providing this blog – more pics below the narrative)  With the two Anns who organise our ladies’ group rides  unfortunately unable to join our first group cycle of 2018 due to injury and illness,  yours truly was asked to fill the gap.   Ann Wendik-Byfield talked me through her route on Friday night so,  well versed, I was happy we weren’t going to get lost.  I am more used to enjoying the position of back marker, partly because I’m not super fast and I can shout loudly “Car back”.

Nine of us met at our usual meeting point an hour later than usual, to allow some of the frost and ice to melt after a very cold Friday night. We were pleased to welcome Gail on her first cycle with the group on her new bike (I shall mention about in more in detail later) and welcome back to Ann-Marie after a break of 3 months from cycling.

Having received a text from one of the chaps from our mixed Velo group, warning about icy patches down Old Road, and with a few already having experienced lack of traction on their various routes in to town, I decided that might have to change the route slightly. So instead on going down Old Road Hill we cycled through town taking the road out of town but turning right, hopping off our bikes to push them down the footpath which leads to the steps at the bottom of Old Road hill.  We then cycled both up Dobwalls Hill turning left past the Spar shop following the Duloe Road, another slight detour from Ann’s route.

 After a quick chat at Duloe some of the group decided that they would prefer not to cycle to Looe via Tredinnick believing the road to be rough.  As we all ride different bikes (hybrids, mountain, racing, tourers) with different tyres with varying tred and width sizes, it’s good that folk understand the capabilities of their trusty steads. So four of us cycled the” proper” route, having the bikes to handle a bit of debris and road condition with Carol leading the way on her mountain bike. The others taking the main road route.

The route from Tredinnick down to Looe Valley, was virtually traffic free, and being on the sunnyside it was notably frost free with only some minor debris, any which had been must have been washed away from all the recent deluges of rain.  The views from this road are stunning looking down into the river valley and toward Morval estate.

 All the cyclists met up and were joined by the “Two Anns” and a few of the male supporters at our coffee stop.  Again this wasn’t the café as planned. We ended up at a newly opened cafe, Pier One – interestingly in the former loo block!

 After enjoying  CTC (Coffee, Tea and Cake), and a catch up with each other,  we set off for our return journey.  This followed usual route the Looe Valley route, climbing up the hill which passes the Well House nr St Keyne.   Here I return to the subject of Gail’s new bike, which is a Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike.  At the point  I was huffing and puffing up the hill,  I watched her zip up it with some ease.  I can’t deny a moment of envy fell upon me.   This bike  is a pedal assist bike which means you do have to put some effort/ pedal power in,  but it certainly does help with climbing, and is ideal for those who want to go further and who perhaps have a long term injury, or are yet to build up necessary strength and stamina for our Cornish Hills.  A few more hills and we all made it back to our various homes in and around Liskeard.

 So for those of you who may follow our group on Facebook or our website and who haven’t been for a cycle with the group, take the plunge, dust off your E Bike, Hybrid, Tourer etc – it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s road worthy and make 2018 your start of regular cycling.  Remember our mantra “no one gets left behind”.

Happy New Year to All, Meg 😊


Saturday 30th December, 2017 – annual festive cycle ride along Camel Trail for Cornwall CTC and friends.

(More pics below)  Fourteen cyclists took to the Camel Trail from The Borough Arms at Dunmere for our annual festive ride to Padstow.  Our group included Mary and Angela, neither of whom had been on a bicycle for many years – we were absolutely delighted to have them with us and hope to share many more cycle adventures with them.

Given the very uncertain weather for the last few days, it was a real pleasure to be out with no rain and no wind and we were able to enjoy the scenery along the trail – including a very full River Camel.

At Wadebridge we stopped for coffee (and yet more cake) at the Co-op.  After a spot of shopping in in the town,  a group of us cycled back towards Dunmere while most of the group carried on to Padstow  to enjoy the annual walk round the harbour and lunch.  This was a truly relaxing ride and a great way to end our cycling year – socialising with friends and taking in a bit of scenery.   Wishing everyone a very happy 2018!


Sunday 17th December, 2017 – Liskeard Velo ride taking in Christmas sights and storm evidence around Linkenhorne – and an unusual coffee stop in Callington

Our route:  Just under 30 miles (48 km); 902m climbed

A lovely pre-Christmas 30 mile spin around the villages East of Liskeard, including Pensilva, Caradon Town, Linkenhorne, South Hill, Callington and Golberdon.  Enjoyed the chat, the  Christmas scenes,  and a very dramatic post storm scene in Linkenhorne church yard.  A big thank you to Ian for leading us – and getting us home in daylight!

Our scheduled cafe stop at the Engine House proved impossible (shut for Christmas) and everywhere else full or closed too so a quick  tour of Callington and a trip into Tesco for sandwiches, pasties and a good hot coffee under the shelter of their garage – where the bonus was a meet up with Megan and Nigel.  This proved very good indeed since they were able to offer Sarah, still recovering from a really nasty bug, a lift home.  Really well done to Sarah for getting as far as she did and we hope it wont be too long before she is fully well.


Saturday 9th December and Sunday 10th December, 2017 – Christmas cycle celebrations for CTC Cornwall members

I really love Christmas and this was a whole week end of Christmas cycle celebrations.  On Saturday, CTC Cornwall members joined other cyclists for the charity Santa cycle along the Camel Trail to Bodmin to raise fund for Cornwall Hospicecare.  This brought with it its own issues – like how do you recognise your husband if everyone is dressed as a santa and is wearing a beard – but was great fun for everyone.  The lovely winter weather – clear, bright and sunny – added to the fun of the Padstow Christmas festivities – the only sadness being that our CTC Cornwall dog, Freya, was pipped at the post for the best dressed dog competition by a bigger version in a pixie outfit – better luck next year, Freya!  (Please see below for pics of this and for details and pics of CTC Cornwall Xmas lunch)


Then Sunday was our much loved annual get together for CTC Cornwall’s Christmas lunch – this year enjoyed by 26 members.  The high winds forecast almost meant that the accompanying cycle ride had to be cancelled.  But we are hardy types in Cornwall and eventually twelve of us met on The Parade at 11 am for a much shortened ride along lanes with tall protective hedges up to The Cheesewring PH for our lovely Xmas lunch.  A truly enjoyable day – thank you to David B for organising it – and the whole occasion was topped off with an appearance of our Chair, Megan Evans, finally back from her extended stay in France.  We look forward to seeing some of you for our Family Seasonal Ride on Saturday 30th December, meeting 10 am at the Dunmere Arms and cycling along the Camel Trail to Padstow and back.  In the meantime, do have a Very Happy Christmas!