Enthusiastic turnout for first Liskeard Ladies and Easy Rider Group Rides since Lockdown – 1st August, 2020

It was great to be back again for these two cycle groups.  Liskeard Ladies were able to form two groups – one led by Ann WB for a 35 mile spin; and one led by Megan/Ann K for 15 miles.  The Easy Rider men did a similar shorter distance and all three groups made Olive and Co. at Siblyback Lake their coffee stop, taking care to move on or apart when there was a danger of overcrowding.  (Narrative continues below pics.)


For the shorter Ladies’ route, click here   15 miles and 420m climbed.

On this ride the ladies wiggled their way (slowly and chatting gaily) through the lanes to Pensilva and then sailed down the road through Crows Nest and past Commonmoor and on to Siblyback.  The group had been pleased to meet up with four Callington Cycles Riders at Foredown to compare notes on Lockdown cycling and show off our new cycle jerseys.  This very pleasant delay, however,  gave us a good excuse for not attempting to cycle round Siblyback Lake, which we decided could have been tricky given its popularity at the moment – so we opted to head straight to Olive and Co.  Here we met up with Susie and Debbie S who had been enjoying a walk round the lake before sampling the delicious ‘cinabuns’ , one of Olive and Co’s specialities.

The other groups joined us and Megan, sensibly took a small group back to Liskeard to reduce numbers at the cafe.  The club was feeling its way a bit with this being a first ride for some members but it was just wonderful to catch up with friends not seen for so many months.

Obviously,  it is difficult for the club to make too many formal plans at this stage but The Liskeard Velo mixed group would be enjoying a 40 mile spin the following day and the club will proceed with its normal group rides for the coming months as far as is permitted.  We look forward to seeing as many members as possible.


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