Saturday 17th July, 2021 – Liskeard Ladies trip to Seaton for a dip in the sea

We did it! A seaside cycle with a proper swim, ice cream and sun-bathe! And somehow we managed to get home too 😂. I loved this ride to Seaton. 22.3 miles with 634m climbing. Ten of us set off along the ridgeway to Pengover Green (where we took a look at the wild flower field) and Doddycross before crossing the A38 at Castle Motors to head down the shady Hessenford Valley and into Seaton. We parked our bicycles at the official cycle parking by the beach but at The Smugglers Inn end and made our camp on the rocks there while we transformed into bathing belles (of sorts) and headed into the beautifully flat and very refreshing water. What a lovely and unforgettable experience! A big thank you to Ann Marie and to Gail for both guarding the bikes and taking some snaps so we had proof 😂. After a good 20 mins or so we came out for coffees, ice creams and a lovely sun-bathe. Geoff arrived to provide transport for Susie and Gail who needed to get back more quickly and the rest of us set off up the steep hill behind the beach cafe to take in those gorgeous views of miles of sparkling sea and of Looe Island. Once at the top we meandered along the ridgeway to Nomansland stopping only briefly so that Corinne (thank goodness!!) could fix Saphira’s broken chain. Up the narrow road past the golf club and down the B road to Horningtops. Here we decided we would take the lane down to the Looe Valley and up Lodge Hill into Liskeard. I personally was proud to be able to do this – think the last couple of times I have had to push up Lodge Hill – so, thank you, Ladies, such a great group to be with and a really delightful day out. 😄

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