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EndEnd to End Day Six – perceptions of Perth, Glen Farg, a great village shop, breaking a few speed limits!

Dunkeld to Edinbirgh via the Firth of Forth Road Bridge – 55 miles

318 miles completed – 697 still to go

A sunny day. Hilary at the Merryburn Hotel allowed us an early breakfast since she was also doing one for a fishing party.
Set off for Perth via NCN 77 – pretty villages and a stretch of track along the Tay. On the outskirts of Perth we popped into Alpine bikes (tyre pressures, more gels and a hot chocolate) – a visit we had been looking forward to. But quite a disappointment. While they had exactly the same facilities as the shop in Edinburgh the service was quite different. Still polite but not in any way helpful, fun and friendly. Just goes to show how important good customer service is to make a shop work. Pete nd I left and cycled on into Perth. Despite our cheery ‘hello’s’, not one person responded or smiled. What a contrast to all the lovely people we had met previously! Pete said, perhaps they are miserable because they live in a city. Anyway, what ever the reason, made for much less pleasant cycling.

On from Perth and the beautiful Smeaton Bridge. Anthony had warned us about something called Glen Farg and as we saw it towering above and in front of us we began to see why. Pete enjoyed cycling up it (17%) – I walked the last bit. Views great from the top of course.

A little further on was the village of Glen Farg – pretty with such a sensible village shop where we could make our own tea or, in Pete’s case, Pot Noodles, assemble our cheese rolls and eat them there in the sunshine.

Pete then keen to stick to our NCN route which involved even more up. I was more reluctant but actually it paid off because after the climb there were a series of long straight downs on good roads where Pete told me we hit 40 mph.

From then on the route was quite fast – we triggered a village speed warning sign when it told us we were doing 31 mph ( yesterday one had informed us we were hitting 12 mph).

We were now in Fife and heading for the Forth Road Bridge. The approach was straightforward for cyclists – a B road until the very last part and then a distinct cycle lane. We sailed over the bridge with all the commuter cyclists at about 22 mph (another speed limit broken!) and took in the wonderful views of the railway bridge and the new replacement bridge – that Charlie says his firm is involved with.
The other side, Pete’s Garmin took us safely to our Travelodge at the airport. Spectacular views of the planes taking off and landing and a fine sunny evening.

(Sorry that pics are in a funny order 😊)

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