Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October, 2018 – CTC Cornwall Long Autumn Ride with overnight stay at Hayle – cycling through all weathers; beautiful views; and not too many hills!

For our Sunday route click here.  101 km (60 miles) and 1124 m climbed.

For full write up, see Ann W-B’s blog on Liskeard Velo FB page – but this was a spectacular ride with staggeringly beautiful views.  I had been anxious about taking part, having been unwell for a couple of weeks beforehand, but it was so well planned, I was able to enjoy all of it.  For Pete and me, Saturday was a downhill ride from Four Lanes to Hayle in a bit of wind (just had to hang on more tightly at the gateways to tackly those extra strong gusts); and Sunday gave us the least hilly route through the length of Cornwall to date (thank you, David!).  Lovely to enjoy supper the night before with all the group and with Anna.  Look forward to this ride becoming an annual event, perhaps.


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