Saturday 17th March – Liskeard Ladies’ St. Patrick’s Day ride round the lanes and lake to Siblyback Cafe

For our route please click here.  13.43 miles; 298 m climbed

This turned out to be a fantastic little ride on a cold and windy day with snow threatening – so pleased we managed to get out there and do it – and just the best company, girls!

It was also the event at which our CTC Cornwall BANNER (yes, our banner!) made its debut – and we did manage to attract the attention of one  cyclist – who kindly came over to chat with us.  (Thank you to Ian for passing by at exactly the right time to take the banner back to Megan’s so we didn’t have to carry it round with us!).

The other exciting thing was Gail’s e bike – a Carrera Crossfire.  Gail purchased this initially because issues with one of her knees made riding a traditional bicycle impossible.  Her Crossfire however allows her to switch on the motor for uphill stretches and, of course, she zoomed along, putting us all to shame but she still gets plenty of exercise herself.  At under £1,000 it seems like great value.

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