Saturday 6th January, 2018 – nine Liskeard Ladies get 2018 off to great start – clear blue skies, coping with slippery roads, new cafe stop in Looe (loo being the key word) AND … our first E biker!

(Thank you to Megan for providing this blog – more pics below the narrative)  With the two Anns who organise our ladies’ group rides  unfortunately unable to join our first group cycle of 2018 due to injury and illness,  yours truly was asked to fill the gap.   Ann Wendik-Byfield talked me through her route on Friday night so,  well versed, I was happy we weren’t going to get lost.  I am more used to enjoying the position of back marker, partly because I’m not super fast and I can shout loudly “Car back”.

Nine of us met at our usual meeting point an hour later than usual, to allow some of the frost and ice to melt after a very cold Friday night. We were pleased to welcome Gail on her first cycle with the group on her new bike (I shall mention about in more in detail later) and welcome back to Ann-Marie after a break of 3 months from cycling.

Having received a text from one of the chaps from our mixed Velo group, warning about icy patches down Old Road, and with a few already having experienced lack of traction on their various routes in to town, I decided that might have to change the route slightly. So instead on going down Old Road Hill we cycled through town taking the road out of town but turning right, hopping off our bikes to push them down the footpath which leads to the steps at the bottom of Old Road hill.  We then cycled both up Dobwalls Hill turning left past the Spar shop following the Duloe Road, another slight detour from Ann’s route.

 After a quick chat at Duloe some of the group decided that they would prefer not to cycle to Looe via Tredinnick believing the road to be rough.  As we all ride different bikes (hybrids, mountain, racing, tourers) with different tyres with varying tred and width sizes, it’s good that folk understand the capabilities of their trusty steads. So four of us cycled the” proper” route, having the bikes to handle a bit of debris and road condition with Carol leading the way on her mountain bike. The others taking the main road route.

The route from Tredinnick down to Looe Valley, was virtually traffic free, and being on the sunnyside it was notably frost free with only some minor debris, any which had been must have been washed away from all the recent deluges of rain.  The views from this road are stunning looking down into the river valley and toward Morval estate.

 All the cyclists met up and were joined by the “Two Anns” and a few of the male supporters at our coffee stop.  Again this wasn’t the café as planned. We ended up at a newly opened cafe, Pier One – interestingly in the former loo block!

 After enjoying  CTC (Coffee, Tea and Cake), and a catch up with each other,  we set off for our return journey.  This followed usual route the Looe Valley route, climbing up the hill which passes the Well House nr St Keyne.   Here I return to the subject of Gail’s new bike, which is a Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike.  At the point  I was huffing and puffing up the hill,  I watched her zip up it with some ease.  I can’t deny a moment of envy fell upon me.   This bike  is a pedal assist bike which means you do have to put some effort/ pedal power in,  but it certainly does help with climbing, and is ideal for those who want to go further and who perhaps have a long term injury, or are yet to build up necessary strength and stamina for our Cornish Hills.  A few more hills and we all made it back to our various homes in and around Liskeard.

 So for those of you who may follow our group on Facebook or our website and who haven’t been for a cycle with the group, take the plunge, dust off your E Bike, Hybrid, Tourer etc – it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s road worthy and make 2018 your start of regular cycling.  Remember our mantra “no one gets left behind”.

Happy New Year to All, Meg 😊


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