Sunday 17th December, 2017 – Liskeard Velo ride taking in Christmas sights and storm evidence around Linkenhorne – and an unusual coffee stop in Callington

Our route:  Just under 30 miles (48 km); 902m climbed

A lovely pre-Christmas 30 mile spin around the villages East of Liskeard, including Pensilva, Caradon Town, Linkenhorne, South Hill, Callington and Golberdon.  Enjoyed the chat, the  Christmas scenes,  and a very dramatic post storm scene in Linkenhorne church yard.  A big thank you to Ian for leading us – and getting us home in daylight!

Our scheduled cafe stop at the Engine House proved impossible (shut for Christmas) and everywhere else full or closed too so a quick  tour of Callington and a trip into Tesco for sandwiches, pasties and a good hot coffee under the shelter of their garage – where the bonus was a meet up with Megan and Nigel.  This proved very good indeed since they were able to offer Sarah, still recovering from a really nasty bug, a lift home.  Really well done to Sarah for getting as far as she did and we hope it wont be too long before she is fully well.


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