Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November, 2017 – a week end with Liskeard Ladies and with our Penzance Group – wonderful autumn rides and (possibly) too many cream teas for Ann!

Our Liskeard Ladies route. 34 km (21 miles)                                                                                 and 552m climbed :


Our Penzance Group route 28.5 km (18 miles)                                                                               373 m climbed – less the first three or four miles                                                                         when I forgot to turn on Strava! :


What a great week end of autumn cycling!  Our nine Liskeard Ladies (lovely to have Jan with us)  revisited the cafe at St. Germans, now re-named Scholars.  The cafe has evolved more into a restaurant which probably comes into its own in the evening – and is serving teas and coffees on the side.  Nevertheless the wood burner was lit and we were made comfortabe enough.  Then my favourite bit – the ride down towards Heskyn Mill and into Tideford.  Across the A38 and along to Tideford Cross before dropping down to Tilland where we met up with Geoff for a top up of tea and cake.  Finally,  fuelled by cake we tackled the hill back up to Doddycross, stopping only, of course, to buy beetroot for supper, and back home to Liskeard- a 20 mile round ride with delightul company and women’s chat.  Liskeard ladies:

On Sunday, a few of us gathered with Andy to enjoy one of his Penzance Gorup jaunts.  Andy designs each ride according to the people with him.  So today the plan was to wend our way out through some of the delightful villages to the north and west of Penzance (sadly not plotted on Strava because I forgot to turn it on) before setting off across the Peninsula in the general direction of St. Just – wonderful views of the sea, including a hazy view of the Isles of Scilly, and lots of pretty woodland.  I can’t remember going to St. Just before – it is a sizable village with three or four pubs and a number of cafes and, of course, art galleries, so well worth a visit.  We stopped at the lovely Cook Book Cafe, for a proper mid morning lunch.  From here Anna and I returned along a fairly direct route back down into Penzance while the others continued their adventure.  Really loved the day so a big thank you to Andy.  So much to explore!

Andy’s Penzance Group:


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