Sunday 6th August, 2017 – Liskeard Velo try out newly opened bridge over A30 at Millpool on Ian’s Round the Moor ride; and enjoy traffic jams of a bovine nature

For our route click here  approx. 50 miles from The Parade, Liskeard and 1800 m climbed  (route shown is actually back to Widegates).

What a great ride today! Lovely weather and beautiful scenery – I still think you can’t beat Bodmin Moor when the weather is good.  This ride approx. 50 miles with café stops at Snails Pace, Wenford Bridge, Subway near Five Lanes, and a final tea stop at Henwood from our mobile café (Geoff).

First phase is out through St. Neot, along to Mount and Millpool before heading over the A30 via the brand new bridge (woohoo!) and down to Wenford Bridge for the café stop.  Second phase is the easy one – through St. Neot, then all along the north of the moor to Davidstow airfield, along to Altarnun and Five Lanes.  Next phase contains a few hills.  Down through North Hill and on down to Middlewood and up and down to Darley Ford before climbing to Henwood for our tea and donut stop with Geoff.  Finally, the climb up over the moor to Minions and back down through St. Cleer to Liskeard.

This is the first of the Liskeard Velo full Sunday rides I have done this year and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute – thanks Ian for a great day out.

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