Saturday 1st July, 2017 – nine Liskeard Ladies celebrate Cycling UK’s Women’s Festival of Cycling with trip to Siblyback Lake

For our route click here  Approx 10.5  miles;  300m  climbed

Also note, girls, that apparently our top speed was 25.6 mph – so not so slow after all!

This was a delightful ride for the nine of us making our local contribution to the Women’s Festival of Cycling, aiming of course, to get more women out on the roads to have a go at group cycling  (narrative continues below pics).

The group was thrilled to welcome Mandy and Caroline to their first ride, which they both tackled very competently.   Ann had chosen us a not too hilly –  and pleasantly sunny – route around the lanes, through Tremar, and down to the café at Siblyback, where we enjoyed a good old natter sitting out in the sun with our coffee and cake overlooking the lake.

Finally,  tore ourselves away to head back down through St. Cleer to Liskeard and to Megan’s house for cold drinks in her beautiful garden (wonderful dahlia’s!) and a Cycling UK goodie bag each!

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