Saturday 31st December, 2016 – 20 gobble up 25 miles of Christmas family ride along Camel Trail to Padstow and back.

The weather was kind again for this seasonal family ride along the Camel Trail – 25 miles in all so a big well done for those with younger legs.

Starting at the Borough Arms, Dunmere, our very mixed group spanning well over 70 years in age, cycled along to Wadebridge, chatting in two’s and three’s, for a first coffee stop at the Co op Café.  Then onto Padstow along the Camel Estuary looking absolutely beautiful in the December light.  Parking a little out of the town centre we spent an hour or so tucking into chips and pasties and similar and took a bit of a stroll round the harbour, checking out what looked like a complex operation to move the beach around.

Heading off back towards Bodmin we came across an emergency operation to rescue someone who had become stuck in the estuary mud.  Thankfully no one was hurt but one of the coastguards told me the person had been stuck for over an hour.  Just before we arrived at The Borough Arms Nigel picked up a puncture which gave a boost to some of the men, Dave and Charlie in particular, I think.  A final goodbye and New Year wishes exchanged in the car park before we headed home.  A big thank you to Mike for organising this one and a Happy New Year to all cyclists in Cornwall.

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