Sunday 4th December, 2016 -Ann and Geoff try Ed’s Mince Pie and Mulled Wine Audax – a strong SE wind but rich rewards in terms of food, company and views! Thoughts about bifocal goggles to make audax rides more achievable for older cyclists.

Many congratulations again to Ed and his team for organising this amazingly festive event for Westcountry cyclists.  A 30 mile route, starting from Carharrack (near Redruth), and proceeding along an anti clockwise route down through Vogue, Carnkie, Barriper, Fraddam.  A left turn at Bunkers Hill, on to Godolphin Cross, Carleen and Sithney and into Higher Lanner Farm for the most amazing spread (and huge thank you’s to Wendy for this).  Then a bit of a struggle for me up a series of hills to Releath, Black Rock and the infamous Four Lanes (I am sure it is not possible to do a ride across Cornwall without having to tackle Four Lanes).  Then at last down the hill to Lanner and back into Carharrack for that very welcome glass of mulled wine and a truly delicious hot mince pie and cream.   I had thought that Geoff and I were last back but apparently not.  I had also misread the time and had thought we arrived back with just 10 minutes to spare but in fact we had a whole 80 minutes to spare!  As usual, we had enjoyed meeting up with other cyclists on the way round, including Hannah (from London) and her dad and his friend (both from Yelverton).

Ed kindly asked me and Geoff if we planned to do more Audax rides next year and we had an interesting conversation about “eyesight”.  If you don’t have bifocal glasses it is just about impossible to do these rides quickly when you need to stop at every cross roads, get your glasses out and read the audax directions.  Ed, however, thought that there was now the possibility of some affordable bifocal cycle goggles.   Wouldn’t this be wonderful for  cyclists who now need glasses to read?

Such a lovely ride to finish the season with – next week, CTC Cornwall has its Xmas lunch ride (no need for reading glasses except for the menu) so the festivities are well and truly under way.



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