Sunday 23rd October, 2016 – AGM at Duchy Nurseries – Members make important decisions on rebranding and forthcoming club activities


With CTC Cornwall members arriving from every corner of Cornwall by various means and Duchy Nurseries hosting the event, our 2016 AGM got under way amply supported by coffee and cake from the Duchy café – a big thank you to our hosts for making us so welcome.  A summary of the meeting content appears below.

This year saw an important agenda with a motion on rebranding to consider and feed back from the membership via a survey on future club activities.  Kept to time by our Chair, Megan Evans, but with everyone given an opportunity to have their say, the meeting considered a range of options on whether or not to rebrand in the light of our national organisation’s own change of name in April to Cycling UK.  It was widely acknowledged at the meeting, and indeed by members who had fed back by e mail, that CTC Cornwall should align with the national organisation and rebrand with an updated name.  However, since there was clearly ongoing development of the branding issue nationally, the majority vote was for Option D, which was to

Leave the name CTC Cornwall unchanged but update all promotional materials to ensure the association with Cycling UK is clarified and review again in 2017.

Members were particularly keen that we should, as part of this process, make use of the Cornwall page on the Cycling UK website to give us a more modern look and clarify our relationship with UK Cycling.  The point was also made firmly that any modernisation should continue to reflect the legacy of the Cyclists Touring Club.

The results of the recent  survey to learn more of what members were hoping for from CTC Cornwall had indicated further interest in group rides in the West and North of Cornwall.  David Byfield, as Secretary ran through the history of previously setting up such groups and then having to close them as members drifted away from the social ride groups to the newly set up training ride groups all over the county.  However, since there was clearly a need again, it was agreed that the Committee would do what it could to support the development of more local groups.  If this proved too difficult, it would at the very least, organise some rides in the areas where these had been requested in the coming year.  Other members had fed back their interest in the CTC campaigning and Martyn Aldis, the club Campaigning Officer, had kindly offered to run a blog on his campaigning activities to both keep members informed and allow them to participate.

Following the meeting, David led a cycle ride to Lerryn stopping for lunch at the Ship Inn while Ann led another ride back to Liskeard.  A very big thank you to all 19 members who joined us for the day and for the wider membership who took part in the discussion via the survey or via e mail.


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