Wednesday 19th October, 2016 – Huge orange harvest moon for our trip to The London Inn, St. Neot

For our route click here  20.1 miles  700 m climb

A lovely circular ride billed by Ann WB as 15 miles but somehow showing just over 20 miles on my Garmin (must be something wrong with it).  More worryingly that same device showed that Neil and I reached a top speed of  47.1 miles coming down the hill from Dobwalls – it actually didn’t seem that fast in the dark following Neil (I thought he was being kind to me) even more worrying, especially when I was always the person who had my brakes jammed on tight going down that hill.

The ride home was shared with an enormous orange moon – very beautiful – and our visit to the pub was accompanied by the usual Wednesday night church bell practice and a wonderful open fire  – equally beautiful!  Many thanks to Ann WB for organising a great ride.img_9010

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