Wednesday 21st September, 2016 – delightful Equinox ride to Highwayman PH taking in Siblyback Lake

To see our route click here   16.5 miles (allowing for me not turning on my Garmin for first two miles);  350m climb


Lovely to have Ian with us again for this one – becoming a bit of a habit Ian?

This was a completely new route for our Wednesday evening group and was absolutely charming.  Initially winding round Treworgey, Rose Craddock, Tremar and St. Cleer, taking a moment to pose by the giant granite pillars of one of the Liskeard Caradon mining railway level crossing gates where the line used to cross the road from Tremar to St. Cleer Church.  Then out to Common Moor and down to Siblyback (newly refurbished café) and – with lights on –  round three sides of the lake and over the dam to come out on the Draynes Valley near Golitha.  Finally back up to Redgate, and then Dobwalls for our drink at The Highwayman.  I thought this was brilliant and only 350m of climb!

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