Sunday 18th September – Launceston to Bude in spite of a family medical emergency – riding the old ridgeways to the north coast – amazing views at Widemouth Bay

I had looked forward to this ride for some time.  Forecast was for a perfect September day and Pete (son) had the day off work and was able to join us.  Petrol in the car, bicycle tyres pumped, chains oiled and sandwiches made – all ready to go.  Just climbing into cycle gear when Geoff came running into the house.  Lottie, my chestnut mare was lying in the field shaking all over and would not get up.  She had become distressed while eating her breakfast and was choking. Thankfully our lovely vet came rushing over and two hours later she was standing shakily in her stable able to breathe and nibble on a bit of grass again – but of course I had missed the cycle ride.


David had kindly come to collect Pete and they had all driven over to Launceston for the start.  Apparently the start wasn’t that punctual because Mike was keen to help an End to Ender with a mud guard issue which meant the rest of the group decided to start the ride with a coffee – great idea!  Anyway, eventually under way in the direction of Holsworthy for the more official café stop.

Meanwhile, now that the drama had passed with our horse, I was wondering again if I could manage a bit of the bike ride and perhaps meet up with the rest of them on their way back.  I drove over to Launceston and a parked five miles north on what David had told me would be the return route.

This had been a good decision.  After the morning drama with Lottie, it felt very relaxing to be tootling along the ridgeway lanes towards Week St. Mary, a very pretty village with views over the north Cornish coast that I had never been to before.  With no sign of my cycling colleagues I carried on and soon found myself in Widemouth Bay, on the north coast with absolutely stunning sea views.  Desperate now for a cup of tea I was delighted to find the newly refurbished Widemouth Bay Café where I planted myself until the rest of the group arrived and we were all able to cycle back together.  Their ride was 50 miles and mine only 24 – but in the end a great day out for all of us.


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