Sunday 3rd July, 2016 – Ann, Pete, Vicky and James step up training for Ride London 100 with the London to Cambridge Bike Ride (78 miles)

Well July has arrived and it all becomes a little more serious.  The aim of this week end was to have a final run before the triathlon next week end (!); and to do a training cycle ride (London to Cambridge Bike Ride) that would help a bit with the Ride London 100 at the end of the month.

So after a bit of a zigzag across London on my bike to visit first Pete and then Vicky, we awoke in Leytonstone to a sunny Saturday morning and went out to try the Wanstead Flats parkrun, conveniently starting just outside Vicky’s front door.  A friendly crowd and we all had fun puffing round the VERY flat course – actually this was the first time I had managed to keep running for the whole 5k!  Pleased to have completed the course and a new pb of 30 mins (don’t laugh – I do realise this isn’t good enough for a triathlon).  Pete was 16th overall and Vicky (accompanied by James in his split trainers) was 3rd in her age group – so we all came away with a sense of achievement.

Then, since this was a day of resting and carb loading we strolled slowly round Leytonstone’s Art Trail – enjoying the festive atmosphere and even venturing up the Church Tower to have a good look at the bells and admire the views.  We might also have eaten one or two cakes en route – all part of the preparation for our cycle ride the next day.

So  up at 4.30 am and an 8 miles cycle to the start at the Lee Valley Leisure Centre.  Pete’s cycle pump had been faulty and  he had unwittingly let all our tyres down.  The mechanics at the Start kindly pumped our tyres up again and off we set.  What a wonderful ride – 3,000 of us meandering along relatively flat lanes for 60 sunny miles with three or four pub/refreshment stops all the way to Cambridge.  We had been held a few miles into the ride because of a road accident ahead of us and were re-routed to add a few miles – but really this was no effort.  One of the nicest rides I have done.  At the finish we had to wait an hour or so for our transport home but again, in the sun, this was OK and an opportunity to celebrate with pizza and ice cream.

Home in Liskeard now and the triathlon start times and rules have arrived.  They seem very complicated so I will have to keep reading them to try and get the gist of what we are meant to do.  The transition this year seems to be a long way from the pool.  Am wondering if I can actually run that far!  Anyway,  I keep reminding myself the aim is just to try and complete the event – I have a nice early start time so in theory I can relax and just enjoy taking part.  We shall see ……


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