Friday 17th June, 2016 – Ann struggles in attempting to increase her mileage in preparation for July cycle events; and the pleasures of reaching the Royal Cornwall Show via Camel Trail

Route:  84 miles (134 km) Liskeard to Truro and back, circ route.

According to our training schedule, we needed to do an 80 plus miles ride this week.  To make it hassle free Geoff and I had decided on Truro and back (no trains).  We knew we needed to leave at 5 am and so at 4.45 Geoff discovered a flat tyre – the second within a few hours.  After fiddling for a bit, we agreed I would cycle on my own and Geoff would take the offending wheel to Russell at Liskeard Cycles!  The ride to Truro was uneventful –  nice to note the slight changes again in the wild flowers – on Goss Moor now the gorse replaced with a beautiful purple vetch and even several orchids!  Our summer visitors clearly like it too with willow warbler; whitethroats; chiffchaffs; blackcaps and garden warblers all in evidence.  Arrived in Truro just after 9 am and, as planned, did a bit of shopping and had a nice savoury snack at a new café on the bridge, Grounded (no loo so still had to get a cup of tea at Costa).

The plan had always been to ride home slowly, stopping more often so that I would be able to cope better with the increased mileage.  I set off up the hill slowly and happily enough and was still fairly cheerful when I pulled into the carpark at Ladock post office (a great snack stop on a dry day with plenty of outdoor seating.  Next stop Fraddon services, and by here, although my legs were turning well enough I seemed to go into a bit of a mental decline (I think the effet of being tired) and more or less felt fairly fed up from here, back to the cycle hub at Lanhydrock, past the varying delights of gnome world, palette kingdom and reminders that the road was once the main turnpike to London, up the hill from Respryn Bridge and home along the A390 through the Taphouse villages.

This kind of depression probably occurs through being tired and I am expecting to feel better next time I attempt the distance.  It might also have been caused by me being on my own – anyway it certainly made the ride less pleasant!  You will be pleased to know, however, that the next morning I did manage to get out of bed and get to the Lanhydrock Park run where I somehow finished with a PB!

A few days earlier, we had cycled along the Camel Trail to Wadebridge for the Royal Cornwall Show, and in so doing had missed the hassle of the traffic queues.  My great nephew, Archie, aged 5, cycled the 15 miles there and back on his trailer bike behind Geoff!  Congratulations,  Archie!


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