Wednesday 15th June 2016 – evening ride to White Hart PH, Menheniot; clicking wheels; beautiful sunsets; approaching summer events

For our route and ride stats click here 20 miles (30 km)  700m  climb

With David Byfield laid low with a bug,  Connie recovering from a cycle accident, Megan on ‘flood alert’ duty,  and Neil packing for his Le Mons trip, the five of us met on a surprisingly sunny evening – given the heavy rain during the day – to try out Ann Byfield’s new Wednesday evening route.  There is a special skill in developing these routes.  They need to be short – not more than 20 miles; not too hilly (!); preferably to include a few views; and to have a pub stop with a short downhill ride back to Liskeard – and this one was perfect !

This ride was along to Rose Craddock; then along the Lower Road to Pensilva (from where the views over Dartmoor were as amazing as always); down to St. Ive; across the A390 and along to Menheniot for our drink at The White Hart PH.  In common with all other local pubs, this one is now focused on football – with customers bringing in their Ipads in order to chat, drink and keep up with the latest action simultaneously.  From Menheniot Steve and Dave Ball were able to head home via Menheniot Station; and Ann B, Geoff and I were able to finish our ride back to Liskeard via Pengover Green.  Very nice, especially with the continuing light – and the pic at the top is of Geoff with a beautiful sunset behind him at Cold Style Lane at 9.30 pm!

Our ride had been accompanied by a loud clicking from Steve’s bike  – I had thought it resembled castanets simply needing a Spanish melody to accompany it  –  we wish him well with sorting that one out!

As we approach mid summer now, many of our  group have significant events approaching.  We wish Dave Ball and Neil happy holidays.  Karen and Debs have almost finished their preparation for The Dartmoor Classic so the best of luck to them.  We say many congratulations to Ian Weatherall for completing his amazing Dover to Cape Wrath trip; David Byfield is taking on increasingly lengthy audaxes; and  I, personally am feeling extremely anxious about my July cycling goals.  These include an attempt at completing my first sprint distance triathlon; a cycle trip over the Brecon Beacons; and another attempt at the Ride London 100.  I definitely have not done enough training for any of these but I have ordered some new tyres!  Oh well …..



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