Saturday 4th June, 2016 -Liskeard Ladies take in the delights of Duchy Nurseries

Our Route:  24 miles round trip from Liskeard via Boconnoc and Braddock to Duchy Nurseries and back


On the day the world said goodbye to Muhammad Ali, Liskeard Ladies were delighted to welcome two new members, Lorraine and Wesley, and the group of ten set off in full sunshine along the lanes to Duchy Nurseries.

Up to Doublebois via the cycle lanes; out through Redposts and on to the A390 for a short ride up the hill through East Taphouse; then left and along to the Boconnoc Estate – noting again the huge structures installed to protect roadsers where power lines cross the highway and, in contrast, the pink and white of the campion and cow parsley hedges. Round the very beautiful Boconnoc Estate and past Braddock Church cemetery with its beautiful rhododendron hedge.  Winding along the lanes back up to the A390 and across and down to Duchy Nurseries.  A group pic under the the Duchy crest courtesy of Rob (thank you, Rob!) and then we all tucked into toasted tea cakes and similar out on the terrace over looking Restormel Castle.

It was great to have Anna back with us after her holiday – and we wish her well with her forthcoming knee surgery.  Talk was also of trying out some Liskeard Ladies more adventurous summer trips – for August and September – keep an eye on our facebook page for details.

One of the aims of this trip had been to make sure Ann Byfield made it to work for the day.  Having delivered her safely to her office, we said farewell and headed back the way we had come with Megan and Ann K acting as group leaders (thank you, Megan, for stepping in).

Back up for this trip was kindly provided by David Byfield and Geoff (although we noticed that Dave Ball, also from Liskeard Velo, was providing something of an escort service, appearing twice on our trip).  David Byfield saved the day by organising a rescue of Anna’s water bottle from the Ladies loo and returning it to its owner as we cycled home again.  David and Geoff had offered a lift home but everyone was up for the return journey and, with a little help from some great shared round jelly sweets, yes, we all made the 24 miles!


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