Wednesday 1st June 2016 – wonderfully warm evening ride to Eliot Arms, St Germans

Click here for our route and ride stats   Approx 20 miles (32 km) and 754 m climbed

Eight of us ambled out towards St. Germans on a warm summer’s evening knowing we now have two months of very long light evenings.  Although we took our lights with us and used them on the return journey they were only really needed to make ourselves legal and visible – we could see perfectly well without them as we cycled home in the warm evening air admiring the pink and white hedgerows.

It had been almost three weeks since Geoff and I had been on our bikes (not great since we are meant to be in training for all sorts of things in July).  When it came to getting ready to go out we struggled even to remember where we had left our bikes, let alone our summer cycling clothes and lights, etc. and initially left home without any drinks.  I was wondering whether I would remember how to cycle but it seemed to be OK once we got under way and it was lovely to meet up with our Wednesday evening group at The Parade and to hear about their various adventures.  David Byfield, of course, had just completed a ride of well over 300 miles (to Bristol and back) and Neil was about to pack his bike for a group trip to Le Mans (to support the 24 Heures du Mans). 

Before we knew it we had reached Trerulefoot, where we said goodbye to Steve who had to get back to pack for his and Connie’s next trip away in their Bongo.  Down the hill to The Eliot Arms at St. Germans where it was still too warm to sit in doors for our drink.  And indeed, when we left, probably at around 8.45 pm, the air still felt warm and I for one found I needed to make the return journey with bare arms.  At Doddy Cross we said goodbye to Dave Ball. Ann Byfield’s chain jammed and Megan’s bike was developing a click, both of which sparked interest from the male members of our group.  But it was such a nice evening that we were all relaxed – and Ann and I noted how beautiful the campion was, even at 9.25 pm!  What a lovely ride.

Next up is the women’s ride on Saturday when we will be heading out to Duchy Nurseries.  Both Geoff and David Byfield will be supporting this trip (thank you very much to both of them) and offering lifts home to those who would like that.

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