Wednesday 6th April 2016 – eight explore Tilland Mill en route for Rod and Line; Paul’s final preparations for End to End; and evening air filled with camelias and chiff chaffs; Geoff and Ann show how NOT to use A38; an eventful trip with Charlie and Susie

Please click here for our route and ride statistics (17 miles; 512 metres of climbing)

This was a pretty ride to The Rod and Line PH.  Down hill from Doddy Cross to Tilland Mill and then along through Blunts where we met David and on  to Tideford.  At the pub we were greeted vociferously by the customers with much talk of the Tour de France.  The usual  open fire welcomed us too and it was soon easy to forget that we had a couple of hills to contend with on the way back, especially with the excitement of Paul putting the finishing touches to the plans for his End to End ride this month.  For details of his Justgiving Page – please see our facebook pages.  We wish him a safe journey.

As we left there was a heavy shower reminding us that this was indeed April.  Lights on and down to Heslyn Mill – then a deep breath before climbing up the hill to Bethany.  Right at the junction; along past Pagbury Defended Settlement and through to Doddycross; right to Pengover Green and back into Liskeard via Peake and Trembraze.  Yes, a nice ride.

The next morning, Geoff and I had set our alarm for 4 am.  We were going to cycle to Truro to up our mileage a bit and planned to leave at 6am to make sure the Glynn Valley to Bodmin Parkway was safe.  But we hadn’t given ourselves enough time to complete our horse related chores and ended up leaving home at 6.30 am – reaching the A38 at Doublebois at 7 am.  This was far too late.  There was a stream of Littie’s in both directions and we were a. Holding up the traffic and b. Risking our lives.  Everyone was grateful when we were able to pull off the road at Bodmin Parkway – do NOT copy us.  After that we had a nice ride to Truro, stopping as usual at Victoria Services; Ladock PO and lunch at Truro (and home on the train).

We planned to repeat the exercise without the A38 bit with my brother, Charlie, and Susie a few days later.  Interesting how many things can go wrong in one day.  Plan was to leave at 8 am with the four bikes on Charlie’s car.  After 20 minutes we realised that the four bicycles did not agree with this plan.  Plan B involved popping the bicycles on our horse lorry.  All in place and Geoff went to start it – nothing – probably the starter motor.  Still determined to have our cycle ride (David, you should be proud of us), we cycled to Liskeard station with the aim of taking the train to Bodmin Parkway.  Just missed one train and had to wait one hour for the next which, in theory was a two bike train.  Nice train manager allowed us to take the four bicycles and we started our ride.  Beautiful route up through Lanhydrock, down over Goss Moor, through Fraddon and  Ladock, etc.  Just pulling into Truro and Charlie somehow got a finger caught in some railings and gave himself a big gash.  Blood everywhere so next stop Boots for lots of dressings and a loo to get him cleaned up and plastered.  A lovely lunch in the Arts Café and a couple of purchases from Clive Mitchell and then the train home – calling at the minor injuries unit en route, of course.  Got home to find our internet (recently fixed) was again broken and then just before bed, one of my crowns fell out.  Our car had broken the day before so we went to bed with no car, no lorry, no internet and not many teeth.  Still, trying stay cheerful and we had had a nice bicycle ride.




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