Saturday 2nd April, 2016 – nine head for Golytha via Gang and Newton; Charlie delivers puncture repair service; Inkie’s provide tea and cake; Ann takes an early bath; and Megan leads team safely home

Our route  15.65 miles with 500m of climbing – well done everyone!  A big thank you to all the male supporters of the girls rides – David Byfield; Steve; Geoff and Charlie – we know it would be very hard for us to complete them without  you!

Although the promised fine weather did not materialise for this ride, spirits were not dampened and our group cheerfully tackled the hills of this route in return for seeing new sights and trying a new coffee stop.  First to Pengover Green and left to Merrymeet; across the A390 and then fork right and down the hill to the Cartwheel Craft Centre.  Past banks densely populated with daffodils and up the hill (yes, with an arrow!) to Gang.  Left here and along to Pensylva; left at the Millennium Centre and along the lower road to the main road.

One quarter of a mile down the main road and then a sharp right turn along what looks like a farm lane but is in fact a public highway to Newton and Trenouth (the collection of buildings I always think should be a film set for an eighteenth century drama).  At the T junction we voted (unanimously) to turn right and go through Crows Nest rather than left and up the hill to Trethevy Quoit.  Along the road to Darite and were so close to our coffee stop when Debbie S acquired a puncture.  Megan enthusiastically produced the repair kit but as a back up we summoned Susie’s husband, Charlie, who had been waiting for us at Golytha.  Thankfully he was with us in a few mins and had Debbie and the bike loaded on the car for repair at Golytha.  Thank you,  Charlie!

For the rest of us, out to Commonmoor and down the hill to Redgate and a right turn down to the Golytha car par where Inkie’s had put up a big umbrella at one of their tables to ensure we could enjoy our tea and cake (or some of their delicious pulled pork) in comfort – a big thank you to Debbie and Karen.  It was nice too to meet up with Archie again and thank you to Laura for helping with the pics.

Charlie fixed Debbie’s bike.  Sadly, then Ann had to summon Geoff for a lift home since her tummy ache was making her very poor company and Megan led the remaining team home to Liskeard via Redgate and Treworgey – thank you very much,  Megan.

Finally, some summer time resolutions for us all:

  1. we are going to try to remember to pump up our tyres up before each ride;
  2. we are  going to remember as a minimum to carry a spare inner tube for our bikes so we don’t need to do the repair until we get home; and
  3. if we are leading a ride, we are going to let someone else know the route beforehand so it wont matter too much if we are unwell!

Once again, we all did very well in the circumstances – congratulations to us all!

Strava route - Golytha Falls April 2016



 Golytha Falls April 2016

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