Wednesday 23rd March 2016 – Magical moonlit ride to The Plough at Duloe; evening primroses; even more Aldi purchases; and pooling our light resources

Our route and ride stats:  28.25 km; 17.5 miles; 495 m climbed

A wonderful orange full moon greeted the five of us as we passed through Treworgey en route for the St Cleer smithy.  The evening primroses glowing in our bike lights seemed to promise a fine spring and reminded us that our next ride would largely be in daylight with the clocks going forward on Sunday.  From the smithy we turned left and headed out to Common Moor.  Left here and along the road to Redgate and then Dobwalls taking care to help each other avoid the serious potholes along this stretch.  Through Dobwalls and on to the Duloe road.  I always enjoy this – fairly flat and a very good surface.  Megan, wearing her new very bright Aldi cycle jersey (we love Aldi, don’t we?) was speeding along here making it hard for the rest of us to keep up.  We caught her just before The Plough at Duloe.  The pub was full – every table apparently booked for meals – luckily we were able to squeeze round one in the corner.

And then a very pleasant ride back to St. Keyne and down the hill to the Looe Valley Line, back through the wool yard and up into Liskeard. My front light which I had forgotten to recharge, was on red – thank you to Dave Ball who lent me one of his spares to make sure I could see on the way home – very kind.   The ride had seemed short and  a real delight – surprised that it was as long as 17.5 miles – a perfect distance anyway for Megan and me – Neil and David enjoyed it too, Neil having been out for almost 30 miles the night before.  Thank you to Ann B for organising this one!


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