Wednesday 16th March, 2016 – how wonderful to leave home in the light(!); up the hill to Minions in the face of a strong NE wind; summer attire for some; and a welcome pint at The Cheesewring PH

Our route

Once we had recovered from meeting up in daylight, the five of us became six for the first half of this unusually dry Wednesday pub ride when Richard found he had 30 mins to spare and share with us.  Note his shorts in the pic.  We were so impressed – he hasn’t used leggings at all this winter!  Ann B too ditched her winter jacket – so brave!  Geoff and I were out of practice and found the ride up to Minions tough and definitely far enough.  The drink in the pub by the fire was a welcome one and the ride back down the hill with a good strong tailwind very enjoyable.  Good to see Megan for a quick chat on her way home from a dog walk on the moors.  We will miss Connie and Steve who are now away for a well earned holiday.



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