Saturday 20th February, 2016 – Liskeard Ladies laugh all the way to Looe and back

Our route and cycle stats.

The forecast may have  been persistent rain and strong winds but as usual that did not stop our Liskeard Ladies putting on a brave face and heading off down the valley to Looe.  In fact, the poor weather never materialised and it was a charming ride with an enjoyable stop for a calorie top up at The Cornish Pasty Co in Looe.

The Looe Valley is at its most beautiful in winter when you can see through the trees – egrets on the mud flats; snow drops and primroses in the hedges; the train chugging along beside us.  We even had a song thrush singing its head off to accompany our cycle repair sessions.  The relaxed pace of our ladies group allows plenty of time to stop and take in the scenery – we stopped to have a good look at the St. Keyne Well and to hear how at the village weddings, the bride and groom must race down to the well so that the winner can determine who will wear the boots in that particular relationship!

It was wonderful to have Jennifer with us and a big thank you to Steve for providing the discreet back up throughout our trip


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