Wednesday 3rd February, 2016 – eight enjoy dry starlit ride to Sportsman Arms; End to End plans; tentative triathlon training!

What a lovely evening – although I personally still found it hard to put on my cycle gear and leave the warmth of our wood burner!  However, as usual, once out it was fine.

No rain – and great to have Paul with us.  Group slightly male dominated with Megan unwell and Ann still away on a work trip but Connie and I did our best to keep up – any Liskeard Ladies who feel like a bit of a spin on a Wednesday evening will be very welcome on this group  🙂

So, up past the kebab shop, fork left down Vennslooe Hill at Barras Cross and up the other side to Treworgey.  Right at the T junction and along to Rose Craddock – over the main road and along to Merrymeet.  Straight over, through Pengover Green and out the other side; turn right to Menheniot; through the village and down the station road.  This long down is followed by a short sharp up to the railway bridge and the welcome sight of the Sportsman Arms immediately after.

In the pub we found that Steve was dressed as a skeleton – forgot  to ask why.

Paul and a friend are preparing for an End to End ride (JOGGLE) in April to raise funds for a piece of equipment for Liskeard Hospital so it was great to hear about his plans.  At the other end of the scale,  Connie and I have half an idea of trying to complete the Liskeard Triathlon in July.  We are hampered, of course, by not having most of the skills you need.  Connie is a good swimmer (and can actually do crawl!) but neither of us can run and my attempts at swimming have been laughable.  Nevertheless, miracles can happen so you never know.  Will let you know how we get on with our so-called training …..

After our drink we crossed the A38, and continued along through Great Trethew to the Widegates Road.  At the cross roads we turned right – through Horningtops and back to the A38.  Left here and back to Liskeard.  While none of us would normally wish to cycle on the A38, in a brightly lit group and with little traffic on the road, it felt quite safe.

What a nice evening!

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