Wednesday 27th January, 2016 – a dry fine night; one or two battery battles; and eight ease their way up to Pensilva for a happy half at The Victoria Inn

“Five, six, seven, eight” – hard to know whether this was Mick Fleetwood counting the beats to bring his band members to the start of their next number – or David Byfield checking that everyone was present as we moved from road junction to road junction on this Wednesday evening jaunt.  Either way, spirits were high because it was a rare fine dry evening and it felt quite exciting to be setting off towards Pengover Green.

Megan was sporting her new 1000 lumen front light – it had been a real bargain so now she was as brightly lit as the rest of us and oozing the confidence that a good front light gives a night cyclist.

A quick stop to catch our breath at Pengover Green; “five, six, seven, eight …” “Now here we go again, you say, you want your freedom ..”  Left and along to Merrymeet, where we crossed the A390; straight over and then a fork right and down quite a steep hill to a river.  Apparently in April/May this is well worth visiting in daylight for the blue bells.   At the junction, right, and up the hill to Gang.  At the top of the hill we stopped to wait – poor Megan had found herself suddenly in the dark and had had to stop to change lights.

This is where we learned that these powerful lights with the big square separate batteries need to be fully charged after purchase and before use.  In fact, we had all been told to charge ours up fully, then let them run right down and charge them up again fully before that first ride.  So much to learn!

“Five, six, seven, eight ….”  ” You can go your own way, go your own way …..”  A left turn and along the road to The Victoria Inn at Pensilva for our usual Wednesday evening tipple.

At the pub, I was very pleased because it looks like we have a way now of publishing our ride routes, and their stats, e.g. length and climb,  in a CTC Cornwall ride directory.   The hope is that this will be useful for visitors to Cornwall.

Time to leave.  Up the hill to Fore Down, left and right and down through Crows Nest and Darite and up to Common Moor.  “Five, six, seven, eight …” “And is it over now, do you know how?  Pick up the pieces and go home …..”  And go home we did go – at speed – through St. Cleer; down the hill over the cattle grids; turn right into Trevecca and left into Cold Style Road, past Lux Park and back to The Parade.  A great night for our eight.


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