Sunday 24th January, 2016 -Off to Louis’ Cafe at Kit Hill with Ian leading. Puncture practice and dogs and horses encouraging a range of routes home

Apologies for the sketchy details.  Your CTC Cornwall Blogger wasn’t able to take part in this ride and her husband, Geoff, concentrated on the cycling to an extent which meant that he was not able to recall where he had been or what had taken place.  However, all is not lost and thank you to Connie and Ann B for producing the following pics and stats.

The route took some of this January group 32.53 miles at an average speed of 9.6 mph over a climb of 840 metres – not bad at all for this time of the year.

The plan, of course, had been for something a little different.  Ian led the nine enthusiastic starters  to the café stop with a view to continuing to Cotehele and Halton Quay.  The ride to Kit Hill seems to have gone smoothly, subject only to Steve’s puncture, possibly due on this occasion to a combination of wet roads and new hedge trimmings.  Once at the café, the group were pleased to meet up with Jo from Tavistock and Jason from Launceston and enthusiastically tucked into the usual wonderful cakes and fry-ups that Louis provides.  This is such a lovely café stop – although on this occasion the fog meant that the normally fantastic views were somewhat restricted.

There were some changes with the usual rabbits and guinea pigs missing and seemingly replaced with a bikers’ parking area.  There was also evidence of building work with the café enlarging its premises.

When the time came to leave, with so many of the group having dogs and horses to get back to at this time of the year, the group split into three.  Ian led both Davids, Jason and Jo on to  Cotehele and Halton Quay (such a lovely ride – looking forward to it next time); while Steve led Connie, Geoff and Ann back to Liskeard via the route shown above (interesting, Steve!); and Megan and Sarah came home via a more direct route.

A great ride for everyone – the CTC is nothing if not flexible!

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