Wednesday 13th January 2016 – Eight of us brave the rain; pot-hole blow-out; warmed up with hot drinks round the Highwayman’s wood burner

For the second time in four days we got in the door and peeled off our dripping clothes straight into the washing machine.

It had been touch and go whether to cycle because of the poor forecast but in the end eight of us decided to give it a go – and David had made the route very short to allow for the rain.  Lovely to have Neil with us – we had met him previously by the town Christmas tree over the festive season.

With the destination of Dobwalls in mind we set off up to Rose Craddock and turned left towards Treworgey; through a not insignificant flood; past Treworgey Manor; right and left and down to Lampretton and then up the hill (to warm us up) to Redgate.

With the worst out of the way we turned left and set off with greater enthusiam in the direction of Doublebois and Dobwalls and The Highwayman PH with its promise of a chance to dry out.  However it was not to be quite so straightforward.

Those familiar with this stretch of the road may be aware of a significant pot hole that needs fixing.  For those of us less aware this can represent a real danger particularly when there is water lying on the road.  A couple of us hit said pothole but for Connie the impact caused her both to lose her bell and her inner tube to blow out.

While Geoff and Connie stopped sadly the rest of us only noticed their absence a significant way down the road.  Eventually we all went back and supervised Steve as he changed the tube.  The delay however had made Connie and Geoff very cold in the weather conditions and they found the rest of the ride to the pub uncomfortable.  We were particularly grateful therefore when The Highwayman staff suggested we could sit round their fire to warm up and could attempt to dry off our gloves in the fire guard. The hot drinks too were particularly welcome.

David Byfield’s tips on making gloves work in winter:  go for layers starting with rubber gloves in wet weather.  Geoff and I will definitely try this on our next wet ride.


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