Wednesday 6th January, 2016 – a damp and windy ride to Looe with a warm and cheery welcome at the Jolly Sailor PH and an interesting meeting with a fellow cyclist

A week of rain with roads taking on the role of rivers now that the fields are saturated. Rather frighteningly as we went out on Sunday morning, we found the whole of our farm yard had become something of a raging torrent. Nevertheless Pete and I thought we would attempt a ride up to Bolventor for a hot chocolate.  We found the Drains Valley flooded (in some parts, reportedly, to waist height) – thankfully there were road closed signs to warn us – and had to double back to St Neot so that we could take the Colliford Lake Road instead.  That aside, it was relatively good weather and we enjoyed a sunny rideThe fore cast for Wednesday, however, was more heavy rain.  Connie’s report is below.

Wednesday evening pub ride report by Connie:  in lieu of the absence of our inteprid blogmaster, a quick report of the pub ride to the Jolly Sailor in Looe, yesterday evening.(Sorry, Ann K, no photos). David and Anne set off from the Parade, as planned, even though David had only returned from Gatwick airport minutes before the start of the ride! Connie and Steve, still recovering from colds, took the shorter, direct route. The weather forecast was not optimistic, but we thought that we would blow away some cobwebs, anyway. Both couples were blown and swept in at about the same time and welcomed the warm stove and comfortable bar room to chat. We were joined by a gentleman at the bar, who had been lured in by the sight of our bikes locked up outside. It transpires that he is a farmer near Truro, on a 4 day cycle trip, who felt he needed a well earned break and with lambing almost upon him, set out on Monday. He was enjoying his solo ride, but was pleased and surprised to have some company. He was even shocked that we were contemplating riding home; by this time, elements outside were at fever pitch! The two couples parted at Polrean, David and Ann to ride back to St. Keyne through the valley, Connie and Steve to ride up the Col de Morval. I was not looking forward to the hill and was quite shocked that not only was water pouring down the hill, but was coming in waves! However, I managed the hill and felt quite pleased with myself (although I am sure that Steve will tell me that we had a 40mph tail wind). On arrival home, we were pleased that it was only our outer layers that were wet and that our waterproofs and lights (some from Santa) did their job well. Despite the foul conditions, I’m really pleased that we braved the storm and went out. Now looking forward to the ladies ride on Saturday and CTC ride on Sunday.

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