Wednesday 9th December 2015 – accidents happen in threes but cosy Crows Nest PH soon has us smiling again

Our Secret Seven see their share of accidents, making us realise how hard it is to eliminate risk but a lovely ride on a fine night to Crows Nest and back – tho’ my camera is well and truly defeated by reflective strips on the club jersey!

Before we even started, most of us had sent messages saying we would be a little late.  For Connie and Steve, this was because of a major accident near Horningtops, that had required the assistance of fire and ambulance crews.

For Geoff and me, it was because I was trying to recover from a clash with my horse, Lottie, earlier that afternoon.  We had been at a local riding event, when she had reared and spun round.  In the process she had trapped part of her martingale on another bit of her bridle and in her panic had kept spinning and throwing her head further back, whacking me hard on my face.  Result – the usual torn lips, bruised nose and another loose tooth and initially a lot of blood.  Once it was all cleared up and an ibuprofen consumed, it was nothing really.

Eventually we all met up – sadly no David Byfield, still recovering from a bug, but lovely to have the seven of us together AND NO RAIN!  The original plan had been a circuit that would take in the Sportsman’s Arms at Menheniot Station but we decided against it because of the traffic generated by the accident at Horningtops.  So off, instead, towards Crows Nest via Treworgey, the hen sheds, Tremar, Tremar Coombe and Darite.

We still had to fit in our third accident en route – Connie losing her chain and a close encounter with the grass verge while we were having a good gossip – but no serious damage done; and then we also built in a maintenance stop for Megan, conveniently at the bench where we like to rest at the top of Tremar Coombe.  Thank you, Megan!

On the subject of maintenance – we were all impressed to learn that Connie had replaced her own brake pads during the week.  Talk about showing the rest of us up!  And Megan and Dave Ball were sharing lumen type conversations about the new front light she was planning to purchase – very impressive.

A cosy and friendly pub and nice log fire greeted us in the form of the bar at The Crows Nest.   Once settled in and chatting happily about motor bikes (really?) it looked like we would never leave.  I attempted to take a pic but the reflective strips on the club jerseys now makes that impossible so apologies that I settled for a shot of the array of stirrups and bits on the ceiling.

Eventually, we tore ourselves away and cycled gently out to Common Moor where we turned left and headed down the hill.  Ann B left us at the St. Cleer junction and the rest of us sailed through St. Cleer and down the hill to Trevecca and Liskeard.

I loved this ride and was very pleased we had again made the effort to get out.  Next Sunday is our Christmas meal ride 🙂

  Dec 15 2

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