Wednesday 2nd December 2015 -rainy ride to The Highwayman at Dobwalls via Sandplace; Ann K traumatised by family bereavement so forgot to take pics, sorry!

Late Wednesday afternoon and raining, of course.  Almost time to get ready for our group cycle ride.  The rain is not putting me off – I am looking forward to the ride – but there is something that Geoff and I have to do before sorting out the cycle kit.

Geoff has dug the hole in our garden and I carry the precious bundle across the lawn – Georgie, our little older cat  had died unexpectedly about an hour earlier at the vets.  He had been my constant companion since my retirement in June and we were, of course,  upset.  When my mother had started to feed him seven years previously he was muddy brown all over and for him humans were the enemy.  He had been feeding out of dustbins and always looked at your boots rather than your face to read what was going to happen next.  It had been a huge journey for him to learn to trust us and, in this last year, to understand that house cats must do their toiletries in the garden.  But he had managed it all.  Until today we had five  cats but in the end he had been the sweetest and most polite.

Georgie laid to rest, I headed for The Parade.  Geoff was coughing and spluttering from a cold and elected to stay behind.  Dave Ball was also under the weather.  Megan and Ian were representing our group at an evening meeting of Liskeard Town Forum which would be looking at the proposed Liskeard Looe multi-use track.  However, we were delighted to be joined by Mark.  Mark had grown up in Cornwall and was in Liskeard visiting family.

David Byfield had planned that we would cycle down the Looe Valley to Sandplace; then over the bridge and up the hill to Duloe and back to The Highwayman at Dobwalls.  So, to a certain extent, hilly and wet.  Interesting how, if your thoughts are on something else, you just don’t notice the hills (would be good if we could harness this).

In the Highwayman it was nice to get to know Mark a bit better.  For our part, most of our group (not me) were able to tell him about the 70 mile Audax ride (Breakfast in Bampton) they had completed the previous week end in similar weather conditions to this evening.  Very well done to them.  We are also very much looking forward to our Liskeard Ladies Christmas Treat ride to Connie’s house in Widegates next Saturday.  If we find the forecast winds are too strong, we will cycle a shorter and more sheltered route.  Good to get Christmas under way – thank you, Connie.

From The Highwayman, we scooted down the hill to Moorswater and turned left under the A38 at the cherry-pickers.  The others carried their bikes up the steps that would lead to New Road and back into Liskeard.  I elected for the more direct route back home past the potato farm.  I would normally think of this as a very steep hill.  Funny but tonight I did not even notice it.

RIP Georgie –  and thank you to the cycle group for making this evening a bit more bearable.

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