Wednesday 18th November – Secret Seven savour starlit cycle – St Cleer, Siblyback, Spar and St Keyne

There might also have been a certain amount of sipping sumptuous cider, slowly of course, when we stopped at The Plough in Duloe.

No rain last night so a real pleasure to zip round 16.5 miles of dry roads (with approx. 400m climbing) – up to the forge at St. Cleer, along to Commonmoor where we turned left, through Redgates to Dobwalls where Connie and Steve disappeared into the Spar closely followed by me, once I realised that the Post Office bit of the store was open for business at all times of the day and night.  A great opportunity to get those packages posted or to top up with stamps and envelopes!

Then straight on to The Plough at Duloe.  The Paris bombings prompted a conversation about the differences between the generations and the events that shaped them, e.g. while our generation, the Baby Boomers, had been shaken by the Kennedy assassination, the next had been introduced to the impact of terrorism through watching the events of 9/11 live on TV.  That made some of us go reminisce about childhood in the 1950’s and stories abounded of tin baths, shepherd’s pie, wash day and cars without heaters where the ice had to be scraped both outside and inside the windscreen before starting them !  Of note for all of us was that exercise wasn’t recognised in those days as important for our health.  People cycled simply to get from A to B and team games were for fun rather than exercise.

Very sadly, Connie reported that their, now famous, dove had died while they were away at the week end.  We had all been fans of this little bird and his adventures – and will miss our weekly updates 😦

After the pub, a gentle downhill ride home to Liskeard via St Keyne – very nice.


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