Wednesday 11th November 2015 – jaunt to Sportsman Arms at Menheniot Station; testing our new tyres in mountain bike conditions; hedge trimming; sad Boconnoc news; upcoming events; and a short trip on the A38

Just as well that our Wednesday night trips are now short because our fine weather charm seems to be well and truly lost.  However, although it rained, it somehow did not seem as bad as it had for the Liskeard Ladies Group the previous Saturday – my theory is that it is just not so noticeable when you can’t see the rain in the dark.

David had dreamt up yet another new route for the seven of us, keeping within five miles of Liskeard but exploring lanes that we had not used before – very clever.  Out to Pengover Green, right and second left; first right and back to Trehand (with the Wheal Honey chimney); along to Doddycross and a little loop towards Tilland Mill; back through Doddcross towards Menheniot.  Then we took a ‘bit of a gamble’ and set off left down the lane past Bodway Farm and towards Menheniot Station.  Three of us now have our new tougher winter tyres on and all the way down this muddy slippery steep slope I had to remind myself that I probably would not have a puncture and should just focus on trying to stay upright.  If we had been on mountain bikes it would have been fun – as it was, I had to resort to singing, something I haven’t done for about a year (in theory, it helps to keep me relaxed, although not much fun for my fellow cyclists).  Anyway, of course, we reached the bottom in the end and without mishap.  At the junction with something which looked a bit more like a proper road, we stopped to watch a train that seemed ominously a long way overhead as it passed through Menheniot station. However, the signpost assured us the station, and hence the pub at Lower Clicker, was only a quarter of a mile away.  We were there in a flash – and soon settled in the cosy bar of the Sportsman’s Arms  (very good prices – as good as The Cheese Ring at Minions).

Steve’s tale about a local farmer undertaking hedge trimming this week and leaving more bits on the road to cycle over, prompted a bit of an enquiry  into the new rules on this subject, which are:  No hedge trimming from 1st March to 31st August, unless you have special permission from the Rural Payments Authority for health and safety reasons.  This is why we see most farmers start trimming from 1st September.

We reflected on the news that Anthony Forthesque had been found dead at the Boconnoc Estate on Monday, when our girls group had cycled round the edge of the estate on Saturday and we had been talking about how much our big estates contribute to our local community leisure activities.  We have been to so many fantastic riding events at Boconnoc.  Very sad.

Lots of upcoming events – AGM next Sunday (sadly clashing with the running club Cornish Marathon); the Breakfast in Bampton Audax ride on 28th November; our CTC ride to Halton Quay on 29th November; Ladies Group mince pie ride to Connie’s house on 5th December ; Ed’s Mince Pie and Mulled Wine Audax ride on 6th December (near Truro); and the CTC Xmas meal on 13th December!

Still raining when we left the pub but we all had reasonable waterproofs so not too worried.  Up to the main road and straight over towards Looe; right at the T-junction, through Horningtops and up to the A38 where we turned left and along to the next junction, the turning to Liskeard, probably just over half a mile.  Again, now that we are so well lit up, this does not feel unsafe.  Another good mid week outing.  Thank you, David!


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