Wednesday 28th October – down to Sandplace and back to The Highwayman at Dobwalls; more puncture practice; horse poo and hills; negotiating the flooded East Looe River; and plans for a great ride next Sunday

This was a neat little ride for the seven of us  (nice to have David Ball back after his Suffolk – no hills – trip).

Our meeting up had been preceded by something of a squall which I had tried to use to wriggle out of the ride – but David Byfield was having none of that and confirmed we were in for a dry night.  So the seven of us started off down the hill past Liskeard Station but almost immediately screeched to a halt as Connie yelled “puncture!”  Again, a thorn on a damp road.  This time Steve was ready and we hardly had time to attempt to take a photo (only the fluorescent bits show, unfortunately) before we were on our way again.

Along the Looe Valley and up the St Keyne Hill, which is where the horse poo proved valuable.  Geoff and I cannot contribute much to our local community but we always have a surplus of horse poo for gardeners who might be able to make use of it.  With guidance from Gardener’s World, we have learned to organise some of it into various storage areas so that we can let potential recipients know how well rotted it is.  Once we got into the subject, this proved quite distracting for the women on the ride and before we knew it we were at the top of the hill.

Then down the hill to Sandplace, along the main road for a bit and then our attempt to turn right, over the railway level crossing and hence over the estuary bridge.  David had checked the tide tables before we set off but that had not stopped the bridge from being about a foot under water.  Connie braved this on her bicycle while the rest of us attempted to wheel our bicycles over the narrow board walk – great fun in the dark!

Up the hill towards Duloe (afraid some of us walked) – and Connie told us about a nasty accident that her dog had been in over the week end, an awful experience for them all;  through Duloe and then just the four miles or so along the good road to Dobwalls – a pleasant ride, although Steve informed us again that the tail wind might have played its part.

In the Highwayman, where our Liskeard Velo shirts were again well noted,  we heard a bit more about next Sunday’s ride – coffee stop at Trerulefoot and then on to Whitsand Bay and Rame.  Forecast is good so I am seeing this as a good training ride for the cycle to St. Austell for the AGM on the 15th.

Finally, out of the pub, down the hill and home.  As usual, pleased we had made the effort to go out with the group.


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