Wednesday 21st October, 2015 – Charming Pub Ride to Cheese Ring PH via Pengover Green and Trenouth; a lesson in cycle maintenance; and Christmas Meal Plans

This was a truly lovely and completely different route to the Minions pub followed by a very quick and easy downhill to home.

Six of us, five in the luminous green of Liskeard Velo/Likeard Ladies, set off in weather that was trying hard to suggest drizzle so that David gave us warnings about staying upright on slippery leaves,etc.  BUT this was a Wednesday night and so, within just a little while, the evening had turned dry and clear and just perfect for the ride planned for us.  It was great to have Steve back with the group following his convalescence.  I thought we should be breaking a bottle of champagne over him but he didn’t seem that keen.

Anyway, along to Pengover Green and then, unusually, left at the cross roads to Merrymeet.  Across the A390 and north towards Foredown; onto the Pensilva Road for a short stretch and then down the road that I had previously imagined was just a farm lane to Newton Farm.  In fact it continues past Newton Farm and through to Trenouth  (which I have always thought perfect for a film set for something like Far from the Madding Crowd).  Right at the T junction and along to Crows Nest.  Left here to Higher Tremarcoombe where Geoff conveniently had a puncture by the bus shelter.

This was our opportunity to start the promised cycle maintenance classes a bit earlier than planned.  David gave instructions on technique and Steve and Geoff pulled and pushed until the offending thorn was removed and the new inner tube was in place.  The women supported this handiwork by generally nodding wisely and occasionally being more helpful by shining lights in the direction of the operation.  David pumped up the tyre to the required 110 PSI and we hit the road again to finish our ride along the moor to Minions.  This had seemed a very pleasant stretch to me – Steve informed me this was because of a good tail wind – still pleasant!  As we went over the moor we saw a row of very white lights moving in a southerly direction on the moor to our left.  We eventually decided this would be a group of mountain bikers.  Looked quite spectacular and it reminded me how lucky we are now to have the facilities to go on enjoying our amazing landscape even in the dark.

I like the Cheese Ring PH.  It has the lowest prices of any pubs we visit and the landlord is always friendly.  Discussion turned on two important events.  The AGM now has a new date of Sunday 15th November.  Same arrangements still planned and the hope is to have a group cycle down to Trethurgy for the meeting and a sandwich lunch and transport home – or a further cycle ride for those with more energy

The most important event, however, is our Christmas Lunch  This will be on Sunday 13th December at the Victoria Inn, Pensilva.  David will be circulating details so that we can let him know if we are able to attend, make our choices from the menu and pay a very small deposit.

We also had a bit of a chat about the Liskeard Triathlon, an annual sprint triathlon which this year took place in June.  Geoff and I had ridden the 12 mile cycle route the day before (stopping en route for a cup of tea at the Pensilva Farm Shop) and had wondered what it would be like to try and train for it next year.  There would be a few hurdles to overcome – Connie and I don’t run because of knee injuries and Ann B and I can only swim breast stroke – but worth having a think about it?

Back to the present.  Lovely run home because all down hill.  A perfect ride.


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