Saturday 17th October 2015 – adding some token miles and a shopping trip

On Saturday Geoff and I attempted to kill two birds with one stone and cycled into Plymouth to pick up some autumn shopping. Our route included Pengover Green to Trerulefoot, where we made a quick loo stop. Here we also met up with one of the Yogi (Plymouth Cycle Club) Groups out for their 35 mile Saturday morning leisure ride. They belonged to Group A – cycling at 10 miles an hour. Then on down The Axxx for 10 miles along the Lynher estuary to the Torpoint Ferry (free to cyclists). A pretty cycle ride through Devonport, along Union Street and straight to Costa at Drake Circus – a total of 22 miles. After the shopping we popped the bikes on the train back to Liskeard (£3.70 each) and cycled the final 2 miles home.
We had been reassessing what our weekly mileage should be, given the shortening days and fewer events to train for. We think we will aim for 50, leaving us another 16 to complete before next Wednesday.


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