Wednesday 14th October, 2015 – first of new short format Winter Wednesday Pub Rides; Ann hits the ground again (!); preparing for Cornwall CTC AGM

Yet another lovely Wednesday evening as we gathered at The Parade, Ian fresh from digging at his allotment and sampling the fruits of his labours.  Ian is leading the ‘Round the Moor’ trip next Sunday – a fantastic autumn ride with that lovely coffee stop at Blisland – and good weather promised again.

Lights needed from the ‘off’ this time.  Ann B had purchased one of the long flashing poles as an extra rear light – I had contacted Chain Reaction to let them know that the front light I purchased from them in July was faulty and had been impressed that they immediately dispatched me a replacement without asking to see the faulty item.  I was also pleased, after many weeks, to be cycling ‘click free’.  Thank you to Russell at Liskeard Cycles.

And we were off – destination Crows Nest PH – a pub we always love, very cosy with its log fire and settles with cushions, etc.

With the nights drawing in, David is moving our Wednesday night rides to our new short winter format.  These rides in reality represent a token bit of exercise that we can all manage as our fitness reduces; a cosy drink and chat at one of our local pubs; and then back to Liskeard at a sensible time so that we can sort ourselves out for the next day.

So, we headed of up to Dobwalls via the cycle path before Old Road bridge.  And then I had an accident and hit the deck, the second time, I think, this year.  I was checking my rear view mirror and wondering if I needed to adjust it (a lesson for all of us – we need to do this sort of thing before we move off) .  At night there are times when there is nothing to see in the mirror and I couldn’t tell whether the mirror was wrong or whether there wasn’t anything to see.  Anyway, while doing this  I clipped a wing mirror of a parked car, dismantling the mirror and sending me off course into the bumper of another car and then onto the ground.  Much bleeding from a graze on my face as Ann and David picked me up and a piece of wing mirror no longer attached to the car.  We knocked on a door to give the car owner the bad news.  He was very kind and said, as he popped the mirror casing back into place, that it had already been broken and my accident ust reminded him that he needed to get it fixed.

David and Ann applied plasters liberally to my face (thank you, both!) and we set off again.  Forgot to take pics of this drama  – sorry!   At the Dobwalls Roundabout (technically called Twelve Woods, I think), instead of going straight on we turned left onto the cycle path alongside the A390.  After a short while the path joins the road itself.  Up the first hill and then the first right on a small lane down into Doublebois.  We turned right here and crossed the A38 onto the Minions Road.  I like this road if you take it slowly.  Along to Redgate, up past King Doniert’s Stone, up to Common Moor and then right and down into Crow’s Nest.

At the pub, after a chat with some holiday makers who had been enjoying our Cornish autumn weather, we sat down and talked through the plans for Cornwall CTC’s further development, as far as we knew them.  The AGM is on Sunday 1st November at Trethurgey, near St. Austell  (approximately 25 miles).  The plan is to cycle there for around a 12 noon start and to include a sandwich lunch and transport home for those who would like this.  From memory I thought the ride there last year was very pleasant.  For those with more stamina, there will be a post meeting ride back towards Liskeard with a pub stop at Lostwithiel.  Further details, of course, from David Byfield.

David told us about his previous week end trip, which included such far away places at Tiverton, Bampton, Wiveliscombe and Williton!  Ann B told us about her apple juice production line – almost more incredible than David’s bike ride from my point of view.

Then down the road back to Liskeard via the chicken sheds at Horizon Farm with a pause to take a look at the capstone of the former Tremabe Bridge which used to carry the road over the old Liskeard Caradon railway.  A lovely evening – thank you, David!


Crows Nest PH


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