30th September, 2015 – we roll into Pelynt for a drink at The Jubilee Inn

Well this was a good ride and a good test of our lights and reflective gear.

Down the hill from Liskeard past the station and on to Looe (about 8 miles).  A pause to admire the harbour view at Looe Bridge and then steadily up the hill towards Polperro – another pause to get our breath by the boat at the top and then right along the road to Pelynt and the Jubilee Inn.  The  pub was very  busy but luckily one table spare for the six of us.

Tonight we heard about Connie, Steve and David’s visit to The Cycle Show – where they had purchased very efficient and bright new lights and also new car racks.  David B had, of course, used his week end to cycle to St. Just and Geoff and I had done a bit of pottering around our local lanes, getting the train home again with the bikes from Saltash.

Pelynt is about 10 miles from Liskeard.  We set off from the pub, all of us now fully equipped with good reflective strips and back lights (two or three each), as well as our new bright front lights so that as a group we made quite a spectacle, I think.  Although undulating, the road back to Liskeard is a good one for cycling and we seemed to be back in no time – a total distance of about 22 miles.  A great practice ride in preparation for the trip next Sunday, which is from Launceston to Bideford.  I was reminded how when I tackled the same ride 18 months previously, I had really struggled with keeping my balance in the dark.  This time no problem – just goes to show that practice pays off.

I Phone 2 October 2015 314

I Phone 2 October 2015 315

I Phone 2 October 2015 318


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