23rd September, 2015 – Wednesday evening ride to the Rod and Line PH via Tilland, bomb scares, The Cycle Show, and planning for Bideford

I always enjoy this ride because broadly it feels down hill both ways.  We all know this can’t be true but it’s nice that it feels this way.

Seven of us gathered on the parade for the start.  David gave us our route and we set off.  Ian had his own schedule and set out slightly ahead of the main group.  Despite our best efforts with search parties and the like, he was elusive and our links with him for the evening would only be by text.

For the rest of us, through to Pengover Green, right at the cross roads and along to Doddy Cross.  Then left and down to the very pretty Tilland Mill.  Inevitably there is a bit of a hill up the other side, although not too bad.  Along to Tideford Cross and through to Tideford itself with the Rod and Line PH on the right.  My front light was playing up and turning itself off a couple of minutes after turning it on.  David, of course, had a spare one with him and kindly lent me his.

The bar with its enormous inglenook fireplace always seems small but as always there was a table big enough to accommodate us all.  Tonight we chatted about the bomb scare our neighbours had caused at the local dump with their play props labelled “dynamite”  (with the site having to close and everyone evacuated while they waited for Plymouth bomb disposal unit – front page of The Herald too);  Connie, Steve and David and his wife were due to set off the next day for The Cycle Show in Birmingham.  New lights and a mirror were a priority for Connie.  We also talked through the route for our 4th October ride from Launceston to Bideford and how we should ensure we ate frequently during the journey which would be a bit longer than normal (about 70 miles).  This was a ride that I had enjoyed this time last year – absolutely beautiful scenery so very much looking forward to repeating it.

Our route back was interesting too – crossing the A38 to head back via Heskyn Mill.  This always disorientates me because I forget we recross the A38 via a tunnel at Heskyn Mill.  When we emerge at Bethany with the A38 on our left this seems like an impossibility – thinking about the puzzle thankfully distracts from the rather steep hill up to Bethany.  From here we turned right and cycled up past Padbury defended settlement and on to Doddy Cross.  Here our other David left us to head home via Menheniot.  The rest of us enjoyed our cycle back to Pengover Green and down the hill to Peake, the waste disposal merchants.  Here we met a woman walking her dog – she seemed very impressed that we might be out cycling in the dark but we were equally impressed that she was walking her dog, of course.

To make the last part of our journey easy, we turned right along their drive and negotiated the short stretch of slippery bridleway next to their fence.  Across the A390 and up the hill through Trembraze and finally across the road to Trevecca where we all said good night – except David who popped back with me and Geoff so he could collect his front light.  Thank you very much for the loan, David.


Planning the big Bideford outing
Planning the big Bideford outing

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