Sunday 20th September – CTC Ride to Kit Hill and on to Launceston

A great autumn morning – dry, sunny, misty with no real wind. Seven of us met up in Liskeard – two of us with the new Cornwall CTC jersey. It was great to have Rohan with us for the first time. The plan was to meet up with Jo and Ian at the coffee stop, scheduled for Luis’ Café, Kit Hill.

So, up the B3254, left at Rose Craddock and along to Lower Tremar – here we saw a horse that we met up with again a little while later which made us wonder what sort of short cut it had taken from Tremar Lane. On up to Darite and Crow’s Nest and up to Tokenbury Corner.

Rohan had been pinging up the hills. He had been cycling to his summer job which had given him plenty of hill practice and so had become something of an expert at tackling the climbs.

David had decided to vary our route so instead of going down through Pensilva we went on down the B3254 and took a right just past Downgate. Down to Caradon Town and along to Plusha Bridge and then up to Linkenhorn. We cycled past a group of rheas (small ostriches) who unfortunately did look terrified at the sight of our motley group.

Then along to Kelly Bray, straight over the A388, past the Engine House Café (much to Geoff’s disappointment), down to the A390, left onto the bicyle track and left again up Kit Hill to Luis’ Café. Thought this had been a pretty alternative route – lots of villages and fairly gentle hills.

At the cafe we did indeed meet up with Jo and Ian who would be cycling on from Luis’ to Launceston. We put in our orders and while we were waiting for these huge plates of food admired the wonderful views down to the Tamar. Also took a look at the lovely collection of guinea pigs, rabbits and hens.

Once we had caught up with each other’s news – Ann had run an amazing 18 miles the day before –  and eaten some very big lunches, we set off again – this time heading north to come off Kit Hill. David took Jo, Ian and David straight on towards Stoke Climsland and the rest of us went back to Kelly Bray, then down to Madders, Golberdon and over the River Lynher at the bottom. Then we all took a deep breath and set off up the almost two miles of hill up to Pensilva. I always think that this hill is a real test of our fitness. For me it usually involves stopping at least once to take on board a snack.

Eventually we were back in Pensilva where we all stopped to have a breather. Here we said goodbye to Rohan and Sarah before heading back down the hill again via Crows Nest. Our trip had been about 33 miles. David’s would be significantly longer – but a good cycle for all of us, I think.


Luis - September 2015Luis - September 2015 b



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