16th September 2015 – Wednesday night ride to Cheese Ring PH, Minions, doves and slugs, phone batteries and David’s ridiculously long ride

A lovely evening despite the weather forecast so that once again we could enjoy a shortish evening pub ride together.

Geoff, who had hurt his back riding his horse, was now better and able to join us. Steve was still out of action so six of us set off from The Parade at 6.30 pm.

Down Old Road, onto the cycle track up to Doublebois with opportunities for a stop when we needed it. Across the A38 and along to Redgates – I love this route from Doublebois, very gentle with almost no hills at all.

A bit of a climb from Redgates to King Doniert’s stone – two carved pieces of a 9th-century ‘Celtic’ cross, with an inscription commemorating the British King of Dumnonia, who apparently drowned in about AD 875. Lovely view and a pink sunset. Took a breather here and David took a pic of my new Cornwall CTC jersey. Several on order now so hoping to see more of the luminous green in our group this autumn .

Then on up over the moor to Minions (Cornwall’s highest village at 975 ft) – again a real privilege to cycle gently up over the moor in such nice weather.

Parked up at The Cheese Ring and negotiated the darts teams to find a big enough table in the back room. Connie’s adventures from the week included coping with the demise of one of their doves and trying to teach the other one to fly (as you do). With autumn in the air we noted the invasion of those very large orange slugs and heard from the group about various ingenious ways of keeping them at bay – without upsetting them too much, of course – and the strange phenomenon of the very large black beetles (stag beetles?) flying around and making a threatening sound like the old V2 bombers. A chat then about how to keep your telephone and gps batteries charged while you are out on longer trips – and the value of various battery backup solutions – well worth exploring.

Somehow then we learnt that David’s week end cycling adventure had been a 260 mile bike ride with only three hours of sleep – he called this ‘good fun’ but some of us might challenge this. Apparently his route had taken in Taunton, Barnstaple, Launceston and Plymouth. Honestly, David!

The ride home from Minions is always lovely – down over the moor avoiding the sheep settling on the road to sleep. We noted we needed to get Geoff a second back light as well as new batteries for his current one. Said good bye to Ann and David at St. Cleer Cross; and to the other David in St. Cleer and then Connie, Geoff and I enjoyed the downhill back to Liskeard.

A lovely evening.



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