Wednesday Night Pub Ride – 12.6 miles

Pete and I finally got round to cleaning up our bikes a bit, reminded Geoff that his bicycle existed and went to meet the others at the Parade for the Wed night pub ride.
Bearing in mind our still sore legs and bums the plan was simply to potter up to The Victoria for a celebratory supper before Pete went back to London. A lovely evening amidst a week of rainy weather, eight of us tootled up the road, via Crows Nest to Pensilva, chatting about our various adventures this summer. We stopped for a photo call at Fore Down with its wonderful views down to the Tamar Valley
It made me realise how good it was to have completed our End to End trip safely and be back with our fellow CTC cyclists.
More time in the pub than on our bikes and then a nice downhill ride back to Liskeard via the Bxxxx (still very rutted in parts) and the opportunity to test our lights and warmer jackets.

Four Down

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