End to End Day Ten – Rest Day, Bikes to Bike Heaven, clothes to Johnsons Laundry Service, enjoying York, Italian for lunch, an afternoon rest, Annie the rescue lurcher helps with my wounds, Garmin issues 

York to Nowhere – Rest Day!Clear blue skies – sunny – just lovely!
Leisurely breakfast and popped the bikes down to Bike Heaven at the station for a check over. Very good of them to take them at short notice. They fitted Pete a new front tyre and new brake pads, adjusted some of my cables, sorted our tyre pressures and re oiled our chains etc. I topped up with gels and replace my lost slap wrist bands.
Then for our bag of soaking muddy and sweaty clothing. This we took round the corner to Johnsons Laundry Service – amazing to get it all back this afternoon – each item several shades brighter than we remembered and all for just over £5. We apologised for it being so dirty to the lady we collected it from. She gave a knowing look and said she had been warned before she took it out of the bag!

A stroll round the centre of York. I am not normally a fan of tourist cities like York but today in the sunshine it was very relaxing. Pete bought me a spaghetti bolognese at a nice Italian restaurant and we popped back to the B and B to rest.
It was then that Pete noticed his Garmin was no longer working. A quick consultation with the forums suggested both a “master reset” involving losing all Pete’s stored data; and that everyone owning a GPS will at some stage in their lives call it a “goddam piece of shit” which Pete seemed to agree with.
Pete, now very sad at having lost all the data from our trip and painstakingly working through all that is involved in resetting it.
Finally, we should mention Annie, the lurcher, now belonging to Helen but rescued by the RSPCA at 4 months when she had been badly burned. Such a beautiful dog, she came to investigate our strange hats and odd smelling clothes and then found the wound on the back of my leg (chain ring) and proceeded to lick it for about 5 mins. I am hoping that this is just what was needed because it was quite a deep cut and had been fairly painful!
As for our other aches and pains, still not too bad at all. We do use the muscle stick in the evenings and I apply my cool pack to knees and ankles in rotation but fingers crossed, OK so far – hope I haven’t spoken too soon 🙂




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