Ann’s End to End Kit List

(pics at the end)

So, at last, here we go with what we are taking with us……. bearing in mind we will be staying at B and B’s but that we have no support during our trip.

Before I set out my list I need to make the point that while Pete, as a young man, has told me he will be taking only a spare pair of trousers for the evening, a razor, toothbrush and deodorant, as an older woman with many allergies and medical conditions, life is not so simple and there are now many things that I cannot live without on a daily basis – most of which seem to me to be heavy!  Nevermind ….

Ann’s list:

Wear: Hat, headband, hair band, cycle glasses (dhb photochromic), tri-suit (Louis Garneau spandex and elastane, essential to keep latex allergy under control), cycle jersey, socks, shoes (Sketchers), fingerless gloves

Bicycle: saddle bag (Multi S), pump (Lezyne Pressure Drive), toolkit with two inner tubes, tyre levers and a multi tool, puncture repair kit and Muck-Off Ceramic lube, front light (Lezyne Macro Drive), back light (Topeak Redlite Mega), second back light (Fibre Flair), bell (Mirrycle Incredibell), mirror (Zefal Spy Mirror), rack (Arkel Randonneur Seatpost Rack), pannier (Arkel Tailrider Trunk Bag), Topeak Tri Drybag.

Carry:  Insect bite clicker, insect and midge repellent, sun protection, Savlon, shampoo,conditioner, hairbrush and hair oil (essential to prevent itchy head), razor, tweezers, face wipes (great for face AND for cleaning bike), steroid cream (to prevent itchy skin), hair bands (for hair but also for wrapping round each rolled up item of clothing), tepees and mouthwash (essential because of gum disease – sorry), face cream (essential because of deep wrinkles), Sudocrem and cling film (essential for wrapping feet in at night – sorry, again), Vaseline (bum – sorry), ice pack (to reduce inflammation in knee), one spare pair of small socks,  reading glasses, freezer  bags for packing things in, phone charger, light charger, rain proof jacket (Montane Featherlite), waterproof/evening trousers, spare pair of gloves and surgical gloves (for cold and wet weather), vest, shorts, gilet for evening over vest, arm warmers, knee bandages (essential for bad knees), overboots (essential for Scottish hills), Ibuprofen, other pills (essential for other medical conditions), energy gels, electrolyte drinks tablets, maps as back  up to Garmin  (3 miles to inch road atlas taken apart,  route drawn in, each page folded into four and then put in two freezer bags), tissues, first aid kit, emergency contact, phone, driving licence, debit and credit card, cash, rail tickets and rail card, spare batteries for back lights, accommodation schedule,.

This week I have decided to manage without deodorant (see entry above), and without the eye mist I use daily for dry eyes having discovered that  a swish with water in the palm of my hands performs the same function.    Showering twice a day is very important for my skin.  However, I have decided not to bother with shower gel – am allergic to most brands and I find that showering twice a day seems to keep me clean.   You will see I am not taking a separate pair of shoes  (which is why I am using toe clips instead of cleats), and the shorts and vest are instead of pyjamas.  Our plan is to wash our cycling clothes on arrival at our B and B each night; to wring them out, roll them in a towel to remove excess water and then to hang them in the room to dry – this worked well when we tried it at Bickleigh last week.  We have a rest day included in York and I hope we can visit a laundrette on that day for a proper wash.

Total weight including pannier is about 7 kg.

IMG_2562 IMG_2560 IMG_2559

2 thoughts on “Ann’s End to End Kit List

  1. hi Ann and Pete , love your blog , very thorough , keep going , from Dave mcjogle 2015 support driver , i could only stay with them for 4 cycling days .


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