Final training ride – yippee!

(pics at the end)

Our last training ride was another assault on Lands End – yes, another 4.30 am alarm and 6 am start following porridge, etc.  Also travelling with our full packs – after much umming and ahhing, I had decided to ditch the deodorant – quite heavy and, I thought, unnecessary when I was showering as soon as I arrived anywhere.  Will be publishing my final kit list in the next post.

Chilly start but lovely weather and a chance for me to try out the tri-suit that Pete had let me have, rather than my usual latex ridden shorts to which I had become allergic.

No coffee for me.  I had had an attack of labrynthitis during the week following the caffeine loading for our previous three day trip.

The weather and the tri-suit were absolutely great and I really thought I was going to be fine.  We reached Truro, as usual, just after 10 am and enjoyed a sandwich at the Duke Street Deli.  Set off on the climb from Truro to Four Lanes and even quite enjoyed this this time.

However, by the time we hit Marazion, I was exhausted – the weight of the pack and the lack of caffeine were taking their toll.  Also I had been limiting my gel/sugar intake because of the cost and the calories and this didn’t help.

Found the relentless hills between Penzance and Lands End just a little too much.  It was 6 pm (our trip had taken 12 hours) before we rolled into Lands End to find Geoff creating a casserole and rice in the car park – very welcome!

As we went down to the signpost to have our pics taken, we met two End to Enders who had just finished.  They were very tanned despite rain almost daily.  Their partners and children had been their support team (“never again”) and they had stayed in camper vans. In common with all End to Enders they had found Cornwall the hardest.

Made it!IMG_2555IMG_2552IMG_2551IMG_2550IMG_2548IMG_2546IMG_2544IMG_2543IMG_2541IMG_2540IMG_2539

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